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I’m Cibin.

About Me.

Digital Marketing is my passion

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It’s been close to 6 years now, I still feel like a novice in the field of digital marketing. It is just like a human being, always evolving, always learning and it never ceases to amaze me.  I have done social media marketing, blogging, handled digital account for companies with million of dollars of budget, in a quarter, just for digital marketing.  

We, as Indians, don’t truly have a complete review site. A country of 1.2 billion people not having a single umbrella for our daily need.  This was the sole motive of building this site, to provide reviews to Indian audiences as per their needs. One website for every required review. Do tell us for any product reviews.

This site is inspired by Indian choices, I admit to the fact that many of the video is a work of someone else. They have been given appropriate credit at all the places. A big thank you to them. 

I do very well realize that this site is a work in progress, you might not find everything there, but I promise your every feedback would be looked into and wherever possible, acted upon. Also, it is not a webpage, it is an ever-evolving concept, dedicated to the taste, way of life of everything Indian. 

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Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Digital marketeer.

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The urge to build something not just good enough, something to look back at, something which would give me a reason to get me going, it is the reason behind

Work Experience.

From doing social media marketing for SMBs, start ups, writing blogs as a freelancer, doing SEO for medium sized companies and now handling paid account for fortune 500 companies, I’ve had a great ride!!


Just another mechanical engineering grad, who came to know what he wants to do only after completing his 4 years course!! typical Indian graduate..huh

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While I was making this site, my mind wandered a bit and came out with a poem. I dedicate this poem to all my fellow Indians, my readers and to the world at large. You will note that this poem is not at all a perfect one, but I know you will appreciate the effort.

India is not a land of believer, 
She is a land of seeker,
We seek answers in the questions of the great warrior Arjuna for Lord Krishna,
And In the process we made Bhagavad Gita.
India is not just a land of great religions,
She is an epic journey continuing for thousands of years,
Look at our Vedas, our Purana, words of our Sages, timelessly persuading anyone with ductile mind.
India is not new to world,
She is a womb responsible for the birth of very human civilization.
Interestingly, we are the only ancient human civilization capable of going to Mars. 
India is not just a reality, she is an inevitable future envisaged by her people.
Her goal to become top three modern economy of the world is widely accepted by all.
India is not order, she is chaos.
Because progress comes out of chaos.
Look at our marriages, souls unify in this very chaos and take oath for next seven lives of togetherness!!

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