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A Quick Glance

The moment you pick this DSLR camera in your hand, you feel holding something very rigid, something quite bulky and yet agile.

The buttons, at the back, are quite small (I wish they were larger) but they are convenient, and in our Canon 77D review we found them to be very easy to navigate.

The Canon EOS 77D has the latest 24-megapixel CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel AF and the latest Digic 7 processor. The image quality of the 77D is imposing.  In our Canon 77D reviews, we could not find a difference in image quality between the 80D (with a Digic6 processor) and the 77D (with a Digic7 processor). 

The back screen is touch and flip too, which is incredible in any DSLR. It is a child’s play to have any subject in your focus, jut by a touch. In our Canon 77D review we found that you can change pretty much anything with it. Also, it works beautifully in bright daylight. 

Quite easy to use, especially with the touch screen. Put it in the manual mode MA BT BMP, and you have to change the settings right there.
It has got excellent controls,  for example,  in our Canon 77D review, we found that you can control the 77D remotely with an app on your smartphone.

The Digic7 processor is a generation newer, and the ISO value goes one full stop higher to 25600. You could say that the EOS 77D offers the best of both worlds. It is an excellent camera for beginning photographers, but also a camera that grows with you when you start wanting more and look for more options.


The Canon EOS 77D can film in full HD up to 60 frames per second. The image quality corresponds to what many competitors also produce in this area.

What’s more important than the last bit of sharpness is that the Dual Pixel AF provides good autofocus.  The 77D also features digital image stabilization.

Although to add a personal note, in our Canon 77D review we found that the digital image stabilization is always at the expense of sharpness, it offers many advantages when it comes to the overall quality of a video clip. All in all, the 77D is an excellent camera for making your home videos. It also has a microphone input so that you can quickly provide your recordings with reasonably good sound.

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The Canon EOS 77D has Dual Pixel AF on the sensor. You’ll enjoy that when using the screen, because we sure did. In combination with the latest Canon EF-S 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM with the nano-USM motor, the 77D quickly focuses in live view.

One of the strengths of Dual Pixel AF is, as per our Canon 77D review is the excellent facial recognition in live view and the ability to focus on subjects and to keep tracking them. Because of this proper facial recognition and excellent tracking, it is even recommended to use the 77D with the screen for photographing people.

You can also use Dual Pixel AF well while filming. In general, the camera keeps a sharp focus on the subject, and if you want to focus on something else, just tap anywhere on your screen. Thanks to the Dual Pixel AF, the focus generally glides smoothly to the next subject without ugly searching.

In our Canon 77D review we found that, If you prefer using the viewfinder over the screen, then the 77D has an AF system with 45 cross-type AF points. It works quickly and reliably. The system is also capable of face recognition, but that does not work as well as when using the screen with Dual Pixel AF.

Canon 77D Build and Handling

The Canon EOS 77D is intended as a smaller, lighter alternative to the Canon 80D and at 540g, it’s 190g lighter.

That’s a significant difference; if you hold it without a battery or lens attached, it’s surprisingly light.

As per the brochure, the chassis is made from aluminium alloy and poly-carbonate resin with glass fibre while the exterior is poly-carbonate resin with glass fibre. There’s an excellent deep grip to keep it safe and comfortable in your hand

In our Canon 77D review, we found that the mode dial is on the left of the top-plate (as you hold the camera) There’s a secondary LCD screen on the right.

Then, three buttons along its top edge to access the autofocus area and sensitivity options and activate the screen light.

Meanwhile on the back of the camera there’s a lockable knurled Quick Control Dial around the navigation pad, which also gives shortcut access to the drive mode, white balance, autofocus and Picture Control options.

There are additional buttons activate the Wi-Fi system, start Live View, and open the main or Quick Menus as well as trigger the AF system, lock exposure, access the AF area selection modes, review images and zoom in or out.

The usual fare, and everything is within easy reach.

Overall Performance:

In our Canon 77D review, it produced great photographs. It’s AF handled subject tracking very well and was able to lock on to targets without any hassle. The auto-focus delivers its promise with video too.

We found that there were four AF area selection modes—Single Point AF, Zone AF, where you select one from the nine AF groups; Large Zone AF, which allows you to choose one of three large AF zones and Auto selection in which the camera figures out the appropriate AF point from all 45. 

In our Canon 77D review, we find that the excellent Live View mode, not only ensures accurate framing but possibly even better AF response than the viewfinder.

This functioning is made extremely easy on an outstanding, fully articulating LCD touchscreen. Touch focus and capture are incredibly responsive, and you won’t be missing any moments here.

This is additionally useful for those who would want to use the camera for video.

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All the things discussed above in our Canon 77D review. Although there a few cons which we have discussed below.


  1. One feature from more advanced Canon cameras that I miss with the 77D is the ability to set AF point directly. Instead, you have to press the AF point button then use the navigation buttons or scroll dials to select the point that you want. There’s no customization option to allow you to do it directly with the navigation controls; the AF point button always has to be pressed first.

  2. It uses the same pentamirror finder as the T7i, with just 95-per cent frame coverage and 0.82x magnification — acceptable for a starter DSLR, but not in an enthusiast camera like the 77D. 

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