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Best Electric Guitar

We initially planned to compile a list of top learners guitars and then later would come out with the list of the top electric guitar in India. However, that did not pan out as per plan.

But the important part is what kind of questions this blogs answers! What are the frequently asked questions that this blog would address? Some of the questions like what is the kind of target audience? Who will benefit out of this blog? Electric guitar price tag? and so on.

This blog basically tries to answers questions by stating facts like the best intermediate electric guitar, best electric guitar for beginners, beginner electric guitar, Fender electric guitar, Yamaha electric guitar, First electric guitar to buy in India

Having said that we have compiled a list of top electric guitars in India; this list is basically a list of top guitars for professional use, majority of these being electric guitars. However, you would find one or two acoustic guitars too but are included only after rigorous decision making, in fact, we have used many of the guitars explained in this blog.

Questions and Answers

Question 1: How much does an electric guitar cost in India?

Solution: An average one should cost anywhere between 7,000 – 18,000!! A decent one should come around 18,000 – 25,000.

Question 2: What are the best electric guitar under 15000?

Solution 2: Please find it below, just click on the name to grab them at huge discount:

1. Epiphone Les Paul SL 6 Strings Right Handed Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst

2. Epiphone Les Paul SL 6 Strings Right Handed Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst

3. Epiphone Les Paul Express”Travel-Size” Electric Guitar

4. Givson GS 1000, 6-Strings, Electric Guitar, Right-Handed

5. Givson GS 1000, 6-Strings, Electric Guitar, Right-Handed

6. Fender Squier MM Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Question 3: Is it OK to buy a guitar online?

Solution: Yes, it is absolutely fine to buy a guitar online, it is the best option. Provided you know where you are buying from and what are you looking in your electric guitar. For best buying guide for electric guitar go to table of content below and select the “Electric Guitar Buying Guide” option.

Each online stores always have running deals, colour options, with various wood materials. Most importantly, you would also learn about prices options available and with an online platform, there is always some kind of discount always available. Added to this, return policy is a huge blessing along with warranty option that you get. Online stores also provide facilities like finance options for your dream gear and technical support so that you don’t have to wait for your problems to be solved, a simple phone call and your problems are resolved.

Table Of Content
1. Fender Squier Electric Guitar 6-Strings
2. Yamaha Electro-Acoustic Guitar ( FX310A )
3. ESP LTD Electric Guitar EC256BLK
4. Fender Electric Guitar AFFINITYTELE
5. Schecter Electric Guitar OMEN-6 6-String
6. Jackson Electric Guitar JS22-7 DKA Dinky
7. Ibanez Electric Guitar RG8 – BK, 8 Strings
8. Ovation Acoustic-Electric Guitar AB24-4
Types of electric guitar
Electric Guitar Buying Guide
Table Of content

1. Fender Squier Electric Guitar 6-Strings

 Fender Squier Electric Guitar 6-Strings
Fender Squier Electric Guitar 6-Strings

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

It is remarkable electric guitar three single haul pickups, a vintage-style six screw tremolo, one volume two tones, five-way selector to go through in between the pickups. 

Nine and a half radius rosewood fretboard capable of giving inferiority complex to anyone [no…I don’t have inferiority complex… ((((] with 21 lovely frets on it. Guess what it also has good tuners.  It also has a basswood body,  maple neck with a plastic pickguard.

It has one of the most iconic shapes in the world of rock n roll…guess who..hmm people like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton!!! One of the smoothest sound I have personally encountered.

Although it is challenging to use all those pickups, but with time, patience and hell lot of practice, it should be like a piece of cake (albeit a large piece!!). The build quality of this electric guitar is fantastic.

The comfortable “C”-shaped neck profile of this instrument (the shape of the neck in cross-section) is sculpted to impart a vintage-style playing feel. The “C” shape is the most common neck profile among modern Fender guitars, and its oval shape is well suited to players with smaller hands. This makes the Squier Bullet Strat’s neck remarkably comfortable and ideal for all playing styles. Heaven as a learners guitar.

One of the best electric guitar for beginners as well. A value for money electric guitar.  Fender is known for the clean tone, but if you want to use it for distortion, you would always get a humming sound when used with a single coil. However, then this humming sound is still there in a single coil.

This electric guitar is available in a traditional three single-coil pickup configuration (SSS) or with a humbucking pickup in the bridge and a single-coil in both the neck and middle position (HSS).

The traditional three single-coil set up is a powerful and versatile platform suited for almost any playing style. Single-coils are known for their bright, dynamic and articulate tone. One of the main advantages of this electric guitar is that its neck is bolted to its body and hence it can be easily replaced. Perfect for learners guitar, right!!!

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2. Yamaha Electro-Acoustic Guitar ( FX310A )

Yamaha Electro-Acoustic Guitar ( FX310A )
Yamaha Electro-Acoustic Guitar ( FX310A )

It has got Yamaha’s equalizer preamp and embedded in it. It has 2 AA size batteries in it. You also have aux out jack which would go as an input to an amplifier.  You can tune this guitar with the help of inbuilt tuner.

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

The FX310A offers the same focus on quality, design and sound as all Yamaha acoustics and puts it in an incredibly affordable package. With the use of select tonewoods and stable, reliable hardware, the guitar features a spruce top and has meranti back and sides to give a well-balanced tone which is bright and responsive.

This guitar features a Yamaha custom piezo pickup and preamp (System 53), providing natural, expressive sound and stage-ready control. The Yamaha FX310A series is perfect for all abilities and meets the needs of the performer, whether playing at home or in a gig situation where amplification is required.

Built to Yamaha’s impeccable high standards the FX310A includes a cutaway for easy high fret access. The Yamaha under-saddle pick up system allows for simple amplification while giving maximum control. The body itself is completed with an ultra-thin polyurethane finish to provide long-lasting protection while not interfering with the sound of the guitar.

Yamaha Electro-Acoustic Guitar ( FX310A )

3. ESP LTD Electric Guitar EC256BLK

 ESP LTD Electric Guitar EC256BLK
ESP LTD Electric Guitar EC256BLK

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

It plays well, sounds great and with the coil-split which you engage via the tone control gives you various option. It has got dual ESP pickups designed by ESP (Electric Sound Product)  itself. Great tones straight out of the box, they are humbuckers.

Let us talk about its anatomy now, at the Toba fingerboard bound neck and headstock. A beautiful flame maple top and you have stop tail and two pneumatic style bridge. It also has a volume, volume and a tone adjuster. This tone is also a split-coil, so it will split the neck pickup from a humbucker to a single. 

There is a technique called coil-tapping that allows you to get the blues country and classic rock sounds out of the humbuckers. It is same as coil splitting discussed above.

Now the good part about playing on this fantastic piece is that you are able to kind of change your tone so you can have that really cool 1950s sound if you like a surf style of music or to get more of a subtle lead tone out of it a little bit more of a crime sound and then who knows jump right back into that full humbucking tone for heavier rhythms full louder and less noise. 

You can hear all those great clean tones, and it also has a significant lead tone as well as going from the bridge in a humbucking position into that neck.

This is not a learners guitar; it is a value guitar.  They got flamed maple top, with blue finish and you may not be able to see the flame (I have this one as I write this blog!!!).

There is another model which is brown tobacco sunburst; please do send me a photo when you buy one. It has got a mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard and pretty thick frets on it.

ESP LTD Electric Guitar EC256BLK

4. Fender Electric Guitar AFFINITYTELE

 Fender  Electric Guitar AFFINITYTELE
Fender Electric Guitar AFFINITYTELE

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

For the love of my life, I could not tell you guys how Fender manages to build something so unique at this price range.  This telecaster comes in a plethora of colours with rosewood or maple necks.

2 Single way pickup, three-way selector, one volume and one tone. Lovely satin maple neck with rosewood fretboard. It is light with impressive finishing of the surface. Tuners are fantastic with 21 frets.

The Bridge has three brass barrels, and it’s a top-loader not through the body kind. A top-load bridge creates a slightly “slinkier” feel by reducing the break angle of the strings over the saddles. The six individual saddles can adjust for precise intonation along each string.

Neck is just mind-blowing and is not too thin, which is how I like it in a guitar. When you move your fingers over these necks, it doesn’t hurt at all.  We have two traditional single-coil Tele pickups and a three-way toggle switch so you can either use neck or bridge or both together. 

One thing I noticed was at the pickup itself the pole pieces look quite high, so that does explain its high performance. This Fender electric guitar comes equipped with two Single-Coil Tele Pickups. These pickups have been specially designed to replicate the legendary sound of classic Fender Telecasters.

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5. Schecter Electric Guitar OMEN-6 6-String

Schecter Electric Guitar  OMEN-6 6-String
Schecter Electric Guitar OMEN-6 6-String

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

This electric guitar won’t let you down. Not as a learners guitar but qualifies as a professional guitar. It has 24 frets with six strings, Schecter tuners, Schecter pickups. But it is not like usual Schecter guitar which usually is heavy; this one is way too light than it’s usual class.

It has three-way toggle switch with coil tap feature. It is a pretty nice guitar, built for rock and for things like that, it has got lot of good sustain and lot of good crunch for like heavy metal tones or for heavy rock or on similar lines.

Let us now talk about the Bridge; it is a two pneumatic throw body that means it is going to add a lot of sustain to your sound, pretty easy to change the strings. It has got volume knob, and tone knob with three-way pick up selector.

This pickup switches between these dual humbuckers built and designed by Schecter. We have bridge position humbucker and the neck position humbucker, you can decide what to choose from this pickup.

I observed one crucial thing while playing this electric guitar, and that is it is terrific on the clean channel. We could hear that the chords resonate well and the sounds excellent on any position on the neck.

The body is of Basswood, which is not your typical Mahogany that Schecter likes to put on a lot of their guitars, so it has kind of lighter feel, it’s nicer and easier to move around and also play with it. Another thing I should mention is that its neck is not a throw body neck, it is a bolt-on, so it also allows to mess with some things, like changing your neck probably!!

Overall, great electric guitar, great for metal, rock and also has some nice clean tones out of it.

Schecter Electric Guitar OMEN-6 6-String

6. Jackson Electric Guitar JS22-7 DKA Dinky

 Jackson Electric Guitar  JS22-7 DKA Dinky
Jackson Electric Guitar JS22-7 DKA Dinky

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

Ok!!! Now let us talk about the Iron man of the world of mid-range electric guitars. This guitar is the epitome of budget friendly electric guitar.

The picks ups are great at this price. Usually it is said that this electric guitar is the starting range in Electric guitars, but believe me, there is nothing of the sort. One of the best electric guitar, which is lightweight, seven strings you feel like carrying a newborn baby.  It does not have a compound radius neck like some of the guitars at this segment do, a great neck indeed.

What you are going to find appealing is that the neck is 26.5 inches instead of standard 25 and a half, so you get an extra tension which is really great for that extra low B string or if you tuned down to drop A like I do its not going to be flopping around, and you don’t would have to put up some super chunky strings to maintain stability and all!!!

It has a rosewood fretboard and these cool little triangle, shark fin inlays which do their job, so you know what fret you are on!! The headstock is cool, and the body is of gloss finish, which means you can shine it up and it would look futuristic.

This electric guitar has Jackson’s own designed just fixed hardtail bridge and nicely sculpted on the top. Nice satin finish on a basswood body, with one-piece maple speed neck. Jumbo frets sound great for lead work, easy to play with lead look.

With this electric guitar, you also get Jackson high output humbucker pickups here as well rosewood fretboard volume and tone control, and there’s a three-way selector to go between the pickups. 

There are two things, which I didn’t like that much (now at this price, this is something I should have ignored, but you know we are Truepic!! So accurate reviews): first, they make noise, you get humbuckers that make noise, but it is little muddy especially when you are hitting larger chords on the 7th, it’s more like a chunk than individual notes (not a deal-breaker though!!).

Second, is the point where the neck meets the body, no effort has gone in sanding it down at this point. So, when you are playing at higher frets holding this electric guitar, may seem to an issue, again not a deal-breaker at his price.

Jackson Electric Guitar JS22-7 DKA Dinky

7. Ibanez Electric Guitar RG8 – BK, 8 Strings

 Jackson Electric Guitar  JS22-7 DKA Dinky
Ibanez Electric Guitar RG8

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

This electric guitar is just like Jackson’s Dinky JS22 one, discussed above. More or less the eight strings version of the Jackson JS22, but there are a quite few things which you would like.

It’s got a fixed bridge, so you cannot pull a whammy bar or anything like that, it’s a string-through-body construction.  Now Ibanez doesn’t use someone else’s pickup; they have their own custom made pickups on all their electric guitar, on this one also they have their own pickups.

They look like EMGs (Electro-Magnetic Generator), but they are not, they don’t have preamp distortion or anything of that sort. So these are passive pickups, not active pickups.

It has got a tone knob, volume knob with a three-way selector. It’s a rosewood fretboard with five-piece neck, basswood body. One thing, which is for sure is that this electric guitar is suitable to play with massive amount of gain. We tried it, tested it, and you won’t believe the amount of gain this beast can handle. 

The Ibanez RG-8 is not for faint-hearted. At a super reasonable price, you’re unlikely to get a better octo-axe elsewhere. The strings go F#, B, E, A, D, G, B, E, and that’s only one whole step from the full range of a bass guitar.

At the lowest range (and I tune all strings down another whole step), power chords are practically impossible.

You usually would have to research more about this electric guitar, because we think it is only after first using it, our readers would be able to decide it. You got to buy the right string, and if you are, beginner do your research on strings.

I had this issue on this electric guitar, on E and A string on high distortion and was super floppy.

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8. Ovation Acoustic-Electric Guitar AB24-4

 Jackson Electric Guitar  JS22-7 DKA Dinky
Ovation Acoustic-Electric Guitar AB24-4

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

If you don’t know about “Ovation guitars” then probably you are not guitar enthusiastic. But do not worry, we would provide you with all the information you need. These guitars been around since the late 1960s and are the first kind of round back guitars, which came with built-in pickup systems that were ready to be used right when taken out of the box.

The top is this guitar is spruce, and it features quarter-sawn spruce braces. It comes with built-in electronics, with pickup under the bridge. We have also get electronics on the side of the guitar, the battery (9 Volt) mounts just adjacent to that and is very easy to get to, you don’t have to reach inside the soundhole. 

You also get an onboard tuner, three bands EQ for gain control as well as battery level indicator.

Now since you get three-band EQ with this guitar,  so you can make high little more higher and low little more lower — no issues with that. So you have a lot of control over the sound while you are playing this guitar.

This acoustic guitar is no doubt one should have been in the list of best learners guitar (among all the electric guitars here!!!).

Ovation Acoustic-Electric Guitar AB24-4

Types of electric guitar

There have always been three kinds of electric guitars since the beginning. As time passed, all of them branched out into other types of electric guitar,. But there are basically only three kinds of DNA when it comes to electric guitar.

Let us first us discuss what the kinds of electric guitars are:

1. Telecaster:

One of the normal type of guitars. Known for its country roots, but off course, we all know the country is a vast genre!! But these electric guitars could also be played for rock-like Bruce Springsteen and even some metal stuff. It is a very versatile kind giving you clear, clean tones and yet very simplistic.

Now there is a volume knob, to control volume duh!! Tone know that gives you brighter sounds or darker sound. Now there is a third kind of switch, a three positional switch. We call it blade…wait a minute correction..a three-way blade. 

These are used to swap between microphone (aka pickups) and they transfer the magnetic sound of the strings and transfer to the amplifier.   

2. Stratocaster:

Another normal kind of guitar, also know as S-type guitar. It has two independent time knobs and one volume knob and has five-way positional blade (see above) because you have got three pickups this time.

Now the main difference between a telecaster and a Stratocaster, besides having three pickups is something called a tremolo. It is a bridge (to which strings are attached) goes through the body and string goes through the bridge and you can push the bridge back or pull it forward with a bar, loosely called as whammy bar or tremolo bar/arm.

This electric guitar can give you bright sounds or warm sounds. This is also called S type electric guitar, with a bolt-on neck. 

3. Gibson Les Paul Standard: 

It’s a great electric guitar. On the one hand, Stratocaster and Telecaster has a single-coil magnetic pickup these guitars have double coil magnetic pickups.  For a beginner, that means, these electric guitars are louder, but they don’t produce those unnecessary hums. Perfect for rock metal kind of stuff (now you can imagine how much loud I was talking about!!).

You have two tones and two volumes. This is handy because you can set the guitar up in such a way that you get a rhythm sound and a leat sound by just flicking a simple switch.

Its bridge is very different from the previous two discussed electric guitars. The strings got over these saddles and then latch into the bar back, so there’s a little ball on the end of the electric guitar string. Now this kind of electric guitar can damage your every finger.  One end is very sharp, and the other end has a ball on it. These are heavy types of equipment, so be very careful while dealing with them.

Now the above three are like the trinity of Star Wars movie (I think immortal 3…it’s a shame I cannot recollect the name..maybe I am right!!). These are the earlier version, the GODFATHER of the word of ELECTRIC GUITAR!!

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Electruc Guitar Buying Guide

1. What kind of music do you like?

Now there so many genres out there!! Some like country, metal, rock and roll, rock music, heavy music,  my favourite Jazz the list is endless. Depending upon that you can choose to go with a telecaster/ Stratocaster/ Les Paul Standard Guitar. Now I have said it before as well, a Guitar is not just a piece of instrument, it’s your friend, it will irritate you, but if you understand it well it can be most graceful companion ever!!

2. It is not easy!!!

Let’s face it…we all wanted to play the guitar to impress some girls (believe me that never works not that I have ever tried phewww!!!). It is not that’s easy…it requires a lot of sacrifice, lot of hard work, tones of dedication. And that is only the starting point there lot of pain along the way.

3. It can be costly!!

Guitar like Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar is costly ones. Having an excellent electric guitar, in the beginning, gives you a steep learning curve. Now, this is not a requirement, but I would personally suggest you to go for not a cheap learner’s guitar to start with.
You can also buy a used electric guitar, with some tiny adjustment they are as good as a brand new one.  Also, look out for tuning of these electric guitar.

Now, like all the good things in life, this blog too has reached its ending. It was an absolute pleasure for us to make this blog for our readers. That is because we have also learnt a lot technically, which we were not even aware of, having said that, we hope we were able to add value to your time. Still, if you think more could have been done, kindly leave your comment. 

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