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Recently I stumble upon a newspaper article, where it read that admin of site tamil rockers were arrested. I have had heard the name before, so it somehow piqued my interest. I decided to look into it further. This site “tamil rockers” (by the way there are many aliases of this site) is basically a site where movies are uploaded illegally. It is desi version of torrent.

This is where I decided to do my own research and the results are going to blow your mind too. Just to save Rs 200 we continue to take a dig at our own people, on our own country. Read on and know what it is, what are the ripple effect of accessing this site and much more.

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We do not intend to promote the site which goes by the name of “tamil rockers” or its numerous other aliases. We just intend to spread awareness about how to tackle this menace called piracy and to deal with sites like tamil rockers. Educate our readers never to support sites like “tamilrockers 2018” (it is one of the many aliases).

Just to save around Rs 300 we somehow contribute in affecting the very livelihood of many people (click here to know how it affects our economy).  It is a mistake to think that sites like “tamil rockers com” only affects South Indian movies only. It actually does, but its sphere of influence extends much more than that.

How does “tamil rockers” work?

The site tamil rockers.com works by providing service to those people who don’t even LIKE to spend Rs 200 to watch movie in a theatre.

So do they just upload the movies?? The short answer is yes and no. No because the owner of the site doesn’t directly uploads the movie. This movie is uploaded by ordinary people like US.

That is how even just after the release of a movie, it is leaked online.

The people behind this setup are so filled with confidence that, they challenge the authorities if they could stop these people. Morevoer, this happened in one of the famous Tamil movie “Sarkar”, where people from tamil rockers challenged the entire system, to stop them!!

Such is the level of confidence exuded by them.

So if it is just one site why don’t police catch them??

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Well it is easy said than done!! Reason being the people behind the site called “tamil rockers com” keep on changing the URL of their website.

The movie piracy website reportedly has contributing members from all over the world, mainly expatriate Tamils. Tamil rockers.com record the movie print in some local theaters and then upload the same on the website.

Every member gets paid for the work based on the number of times the print has been downloaded. Furthermore, TamilRockers keeps on changing its URL so that even if their website gets taken down or blocked by enforcement agencies in any nation, TamilRockers quickly shifts to another URL giving access to new movies to its users. 

So it becomes like a game of hide and seek. It pops its head at one location, suddenly it gets invisible pufffff!!

The motto of tamil rockers is to provide ‘free service’ for movie lovers who do not wish to spend money on watching movies at theaters. The piracy website is becoming infamous with each passing day, but at the same time, its users have also multiplied over the last few months.

The reason being that tamil rockers were mostly into leaking Tamil movies online but now, the website doesn’t spare Bollywood or Hollywood films. In fact, all major movies that have been released over the last two to three months, have been leaked online by tamil rockers. Read this article.

This technology is pretty old one but one which is very lethal and effective, if used for wrong purposes.  Some of the urls used by the tamil rockers, which are banned by Govenment are:

Tamilrockers .lu /Tamilrockers .la/Tamilrockers .ac/tamilrockers .by/tamilrockers .hn/Tamilrockers .cc/Tamilrockers .to/Tamilrockers .be/Tamilrockers .pm/Tamilrockers .ws/tamilrockers .mu/tamilrockers .ph/tamilrockers .gd/tamilrockers . vc/tamilrockers. gy/tamilrockers .cl/tamilrockers .cl/Tamilrockers .ro/Tamilrockers .ax/tamilrockers-s. co

So only tamil movies gets affected right??

Wrong, so wrong. There are number of Bollywood movies which got affected due to the menace created by the tamil rockers. In fact, “tamil rockers hindi movies” and “tamil rockers dubbed movies” are some of the search term used in this website. Some additional search term for your information, to let you know why deep is this disease in your society:

  1. tamil rockers dubbed movies
  2. tamil rockers tamil movies
  3. tamil rockers malayalam movie
  4. tamil rockers new domain
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Look the way these things work, not even Hollywood movies are spared. Read this article.

But do not think even for a while that rest of the movies from different other languages are safe. Read below.

Some of the famous movies leaked by tamil rockers are:

  2. Romeo
  3. Badla
  4. Lukka Chuppi
  5. Gully Boy
  6. Total Dhamaal
  7. Manikarnika
  8. Thackeray
  9. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga
  10. Photograph

Few movies above were released on a smaller scale, yet tamil rockers somehow managed to leak them online as well. Even Hollywood movies like Avengers: The End Game; Spiderman: Far Away from home have also not been spared.

So what is piracy and how does it affects US?

The Indian film industry is one of the largest film industries in the world. Around 1000 films are produced each year in India. It earns around $2 billion from “legitimate” sources such as screening at theatres, home videos and television rights.

However, according to sources, the clandestine film piracy industry earns around $2.7 billion. That’s way more than the total revenue earned by the whole of the Indian film industry in a year. Just take for example, Red Chillies Entertainment, a production house promoted by actor Shah Rukh Khan, was a victim of film piracy for its film ‘Dilwale’ in 2016. It grossed Rs. 148 crore at the box office but its pirated version, circulated a day before its release, accounted for more earnings.

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According to the latest KPMG-FICCI report on the Indian media and entertainment sector, the Indian film industry is projected to grow from $2.09 billion in 2015 to 3.43 billion by 2020 at an annual growth rate of 10.5%. But piracy could also grow exponentially unless it is checked, as per some sources almost double this rate. This trend is really awful

So how does pirated movie reach common man??

Simple answer is NETWORK!!

The piracy chain that ends with a street-smart peddler begins with the highest echelons of film industry, with links to Mumbai, Singapore and Dubai. Even pirated DVDs with censor board watermarks were recently found. There may be insiders in the censor board and distribution houses who sell these copies from few laks to a few shady dealers. The copies are then uploaded on certain private portals that have dedicated passkeys. For a few lakhs, these copies can be downloaded and replicated on DVD.

This is where tamil rockers comes in. If someone finds it hard to get the DVD simplest way is to record the movie and then upload it to the tamil rocker’s server. This has also become earning mean to some of the crooked individuals. 

So what is law of land doing in this regard?

Recently, in the month of February, the cabinet approved the I&B ministry’s proposal to introduce the Cinematograph Amendment Bill, 2019, and amend the Cinematograph Act, 1952

Read this article

The bill, which aims to tackle camcording and duplication of films, was introduced in the Rajya Sabha earlier.

The Bill has two pronged strategy. The first part seeks to make film piracy illegal and the second details punishment for the same. This is basically an  amendment which requires the insertion of a new section (section 6AA) in the Cinematograph Act to ensure the prohibition of unauthorized recording,. Another section requires the introduction of violating provisions of section 6AA.  In short, anyone accused of recording movies would be liable for a jail term of three years.

Read this article.

As per an article most of these piracy related website, thrive on the contribution by some individuals. Take tamil rockers .com, for example, it literally provides money to someone who uploads the movie to their server.

The main source of earning of these websites is online ads. For every movie they upload they earn close to 1000 US Dollars. Do not forget, with it they eat employment of many innocent individuals together with their greed for money.

I personally, feel that these so-called owners of tamil rockers are difficult to tame, at least for the time being. I mean they still do have a network of people behind them and loads of resources at their disposal. The real change can from ordinary people, working for them for a few hundreds of bucks. If these people have the realization that their activity is having repercussions in their own country, on their society I think this menace can be removed in no time.

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