Reebok Z Jet 460 Treadmill Detailed Review | Reebok Treadmill Price in India

Reebok Z Jet 460 Treadmill

The Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill is a treadmill with a range of pre-programmed workouts that suits every individual. This amazing treadmill features a wonderful signature air motion technology on a spacious running area of 140 x 46cm. This technology provides effective air pod cushioning to reduce the impact upon joints whilst running to prevent injuries.

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It is powered by a slightly bigger 2.5 HP motor and has a maximum speed of 20 km/h along with 15 incline levels, making it perfect for more intense incline and interval training. The speed and incline levels make this Reebok treadmill a perfect one for vigorous and harsh workout sessions. As this treadmill is fit for both high intensity and steady-state cardio, the Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill caters for all abilities with 24 pre-programmed workouts. 

This Reebok treadmill is durable and compact and is enabled with Bluetooth which is compatible with the Reebok Fitness app. The Bluetooth dongle which is included with the treadmill allows you to track and monitor your training whilst planning routes virtually anywhere in the world from your own home. The treadmill has a lot more features and functions which makes this treadmill more popular among people.

Reebok Z Jet 460 Treadmill


  • Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill is extremely well built and feels very sturdy when running.
  • The assembling of this treadmill is minimal and effortless. Almost  90% of the assembling is already done, you just need to do the remaining 10%.
  • The motor is very quiet and the running belt action is very smooth.
  • This Reebok treadmill is one of the most efficient treadmills
  • This treadmill is very attractive, robust and sleek. 
  • It has an amazing feature of safe and simple soft-drop folding mechanism that helps in easy storage of the treadmill.
  • The features and functions of this treadmill make it more likeable by the users.
  • The materials used for making this treadmill is of high quality, thus making this treadmill a good value for money. You will be fully satisfied with the treadmill.
  • The transportation wheels make it easier to port the treadmill from one place to another.
  • The air pod deck cushioning on the treadmill gives you an experience of a soft landing.
  • There are incline and speed change buttons on the handlebar, which allows the user to change the speed and incline very easily. 
  • The motor of this Reebok treadmill is so powerful that you can do intense workout sessions on this treadmill.
  • This Reebok treadmill has high-quality speakers which help you in keeping you motivated. Now you can enjoy your workout by listening to your favourite tracks.


I couldn’t find any cons in this Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill. It is amazing in every aspect either in its functionality or its look.

FEATURES – Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill:

  • Strong 2.5HP Motor: Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill is built for challenging cardio workouts, with a solid 2.5 HP motor that reaches a speed of 20 kph across 15 levels of power incline. The motor is so powerful that it can support high intensity workouts without any hindrance.
  • 5.75″ LCD Control Console: This Reebok treadmill features a  5.75″ backlit LCD screen. The console of this treadmill is very user-friendly. It displays Time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate, pulse and displays in-depth workout data whilst you train. It allows you to monitor and control your run with built-in 5W speakers to help power your workout. Through this, you can keep track of your fitness journey.
  • Heart rate sensors: The heart rate sensors on the treadmill helps you to take the readings of the user’s heart rate. You can have a check on the heart rate which will be displayed on the screen of the treadmill.
  • Maximum user weight capacity: The maximum user weight capacity of this Reebok treadmill is 130 kg. So if you have a weight of 105kg or below, you can very well use this treadmill for walking, jogging and running.
  • Soft drop folding system: Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill has a safe and simple soft-drop folding mechanism. When not in use, you can fold the treadmill for a comprehensive, convenient and space-saving option. 
Reebok Treadmill
  • Air Motion Technology: The air motion technology designed in this Reebok treadmill cushions the impact of each stride to reduce joint stress and noise.
  • Incline: This Reebok treadmill has 15 levels of electronic incline which helps you to make the workout more intense. Incline walking or running is more effective than walking on a plain platform. This helps you to achieve your fitness goal easier.
  • Running surface area: The running surface area of this Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill is 140 x 46cm. You can now run very comfortably and safely on this surface.
  • Auto-stop safety system: The auto-stop safety function helps you to reduce injury. The treadmill will automatically stop if you fall or drift back dangerously.
  • Pre-set workouts: Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill has 24 pre-programmed workouts. This treadmill is fit for both high intensity and steady-state cardio. These pre-set workouts help the users to try different varieties and motivate them to be fit.
  • Transportation wheels: You don’t need to worry about cleaning your room surface because of the treadmill as the transportation wheels help you to move the treadmill very easily. There is no need to carry the heavyweight of the treadmill.
  • Warranty: Talking about the warranty of the Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill, it has 3 Years Motor Warranty and Lifetime Frame Warranty.
  • MP3 with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity: Say bye to the boring workout sessions. You can enjoy your workout by listening to your favourite tracks. This Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill has MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity. Connect your phone to the treadmill and enjoy songs from the amazing speakers of the treadmill.

TECHNICAL DETAILS-  Reebok Z Jet 460 treadmill:

  • Frame Material: Alloy steel
  • Material Type: Alloy steel
  • Display Type: LCD screen
  • Display: 5.75 inch 
  • Motor: 2.5HP Motor
  • Speed rating: 20 km/hr
  • Item Weight: 79 kg
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 182 x 78 x 145 Centimeters
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 130 kg
  • Incline: 0-15 %
  • Number Of Pre-set Programs: 24
  • Power Source: Electric 220V
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Cooling fan: Yes
  • Heart rate sensor: Yes
  • Folding: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 years on motor and lifetime warranty on frame

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