Powermax treadmill TDM 97 | Powermax treadmill review India

Powermax treadmill TDM 97

The all-new Powermax treadmill TDM 97 is undeniably a useful inclusion if you are looking for something similar like the gym workout but at the convenience at your office and home.  This model of Powermax treadmills come with a 1.0 CHP and hence ensure a smooth ride. For a detailed buying guide, read this article.

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You can do exercise for long while the powerful LED display will keep showing the distance you have covered, your current speed, your heart rate and the most satisfying are how many calories you have burnt.

This Powermax treadmill TDM 97 folding treadmill is ideal for everyday running workout fitness. This space-saving folding treadmill does not sacrifice size with quality and will keep your treadmill workouts challenging and effective. Keep running and burn calories to keep fit and enjoy a healthy life. Now stop daydreaming and experience the future of training today.

If you are thinking that since this machine can be folded which the gym equipment cannot and therefore, some features are missing in this one, you are making a wrong decision.

Powermax treadmill TDM

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It has all the features integrated into it with an additional feature of folding to keep your workout routine active as ever. Let us discuss them below:

1. Scientific Soft Shock Reducing Running Belt: This Powermax treadmill TDM 97 reduces the shock with many layers of the running belt. Better, skid proof, and rebound resilience function. Run with comfort and durability.

2. Easy Pulse Heart Rate Monitor: Gets an accurate heart rate reading by simply placing your thumb on the Pulse sensor that is built right into the console

3. Quiet Energy Saving Motor: This Powermax treadmill TDM 97 has a powerful motor, 99% all copper core, developed by the University of Munich. Noise is controlled within 68DB. Enjoy the quiet running and no disturbance to neighbours.

4. Built-In Speakers & Audio iPhone/MP3 Connections: This Treadmill is also equipped with AUX input to listen to music from your iPhone or MP3 player while exercising and keeps you in a good mood.

5. Anti-Skid Running Belt with 6-Ply Running Board: This Powermax treadmill TDM 97 has a 1.8mm thick Multi-Ply polyester satin weave multi-layer running belt that helps to reduce shock and PVC non-slip surface for better, skid proof and rebound resilience function.

It is engineered for comfort and safety, the Cast Steel Resistance & 6-Ply running board damping system provides a responsive and slightly bouncy surface to conserves your energy and reduces the impact on your joints.

6. Auto Stop Safety Function: This Powermax treadmill TDM 97 has a built-in auto-stop function. When running you can simply attach the safety clip to your clothes and run as normal, it will auto stop if you fall or drift back dangerously on the treadmill. The auto-stop function minimizes the risk of injury.

7. Life Time Frame Warranty: Heavy gauge steel mainframe of Treadmill with 3 layers of Quality paint prevents corrosion and ensures longer life of Treadmill. That is, the treadmills use a tough iron alloy for their frame. This gives you a stronger, more reliable piece of gym equipment that won’t wear out soon!

Installation guide:

Powermax treadmill TDM

Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate


a. Overall the Powermax treadmill TDM 97 is value for money! You would not find it a bad deal at all.


There are some of the flaws in this treadmill which we intend to highlight

a. The speaker sound of this Powermax treadmill TDM 97 is not good,. I guess the sound from phones is better.

b. I noticed that the Aux input port and speakers in this Powermax treadmill TDM 97 are placed at an awkward place, when the cable is inserted, there is not enough space to place the phone or tablet.

c. Speakers also get covered when phone or tablet is placed, and voice get muffled. The issue is ergonomics wise!

Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate

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