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powermax treadmill tda 260

This blog will surely help you to resolve many of the questions which are running through your mind when you think about fitness. Powermax treadmill TDA 260 will help you achieve your goal of getting a fit and healthy body. It is one of the best treadmills in India for home use.

Are you thinking of a workout but don’t feel like going out, then you are absolutely on the right page. Do you want your workout session to be convenient, enjoyable and effective? Do you need to keep track of your fitness? Do you need to work out at any time as per your schedule without worrying about the weather condition outside?

Are Powermax treadmills good?

Yes, of course. Powermax treadmills are one of the best selling treadmills in India. It has got wonderful reviews from all over India. These are very easy to use as well as help you with effective workouts.

Powermax TDA 260

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  1. This treadmill is truly valuable for money. You can find so many features to make your workout enjoyable.
  2. Powermax treadmill is very easy to install. Step by step instructions is given in the video to install this.
  3. Easy to Maintain
  4. It is a good quality treadmill for home use. It takes less space in your room and is very easy to access.
  5. The Android screen in this treadmill makes it a phenomenon. You can watch your favourite show, listen to your favourite music etc.
  6. The controls are user friendly. You don’t need any expertise to operate this treadmill.
  7. The vibrator machine of this Powermax treadmill is effective.
  8. The treadmill has inclination control on the left handle grip and speed control on the right handle.


  1. The android app is not updated.
  2. There is no Bluetooth support on this treadmill.

Note: These are the only two cons that I could find in this Powermax treadmill.

Let’s look at some of the features of Powermax treadmill TDA 260:

1. Quiet energy-saving motor: Powermax TDA 260 treadmill has a powerful motor, which is 99% all copper core. The noise of this Powermax treadmill TDA 260 is controlled within 68DB. So that means you can enjoy your running without any disturbance to your neighbours.

2. Multi-function utilities: This Powermax treadmill TDA 260 is loaded with a multifunction utility which includes a power massager for hips, thigh, stomach, etc, dumbbells, twister and sit-up bracket. Running on Powermax treadmill TDA 260 helps you to effectively burn extra calories and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

3. Body Mass Index and Pre-Set Programs: The pres-set programs in this Powermax treadmill provides 8 sets of predefined workouts that offer a variety of challenges for you. The Body Mass Index can also be calculated in this Powermax treadmill TDA 260 using the FAT function and keep track of your body condition. The target-based modes allow you to set time, distance or calories to burn goals.

4. Auto-stop safety function: Safety is necessary for all the activities you do. So Powermax treadmill TDA 260 has a built-in auto-stop function. There is a safety clip that you can attach to your clothes while running. You can run normally on the treadmill, if you fall or drift back dangerously, the treadmill will auto stop. This auto-stop safety function in the Powermax treadmill TDA 260 minimizes the risk of injury.

5. Heart rate sensor: There is a heart rate sensor on the crossbar handle grip which enables you to monitor your heart rate by placing the palm on the crossbar handle grip. It actually allows you to keep within your target zone.

6. Anti-skid running belt: When talking about the running belt, the Powermax treadmill has the 1.8mm thick multi-ply polyester satin weave multi-layer running belt. This belt actually helps to reduce shock and PVC non-slip surface for better skid proof and rebound resilience function. It provides you with comfort, safety and durability as well.

7. The Powermax treadmill TDA 260 has a 7″ TFT Color touch display which is uniquely designed. The display is highly legible and it shows time, distance, calories, speed, pulse, and incline. Through this, you can track your progress while working out.

8. Built-in speakers with AUX/USB connection: Don’t get bored while working out, the Powermax treadmill TDA 260 is equipped with AUX input to listen to music from your iPhone or MP3 player which helps you to be in a good mood and feel energetic. Music can be played by connecting a USB Pen Drive loaded with your favourite list of MP3 songs.

Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate

9. Comfortable Running Track: The Powermax TDA 260 treadmill gives you a spacious running environment as it has a running track of 50.3″x 17.7″.

10. ComfortTech 6-Point Commercial Grade Damping System: The Powermax treadmill TDA 260 has a ComfortTech 6-Point Commercial Grade Damping System which shows a magnificent shock absorption, a softer landing and unparalleled support. The double-layer running board and the dual shock spring absorption helps to reduce the stress on your knees, ankles and hips by instantly adjusting the speed of the belt to match the speed of your foot.

11. Powered By Android OS: As mentioned earlier, the Powermax treadmill TDA 260 has a 7″ TFT Color touch screen which features a browser, YouTube, multimedia centre, user centre and more Powered by Android. You can easily connect to your home’s wireless network for the news, read emails, watch sports highlights, get on Facebook and more. Along with this, you can navigate through workout stats and options with the swipe of a finger and track your speed, time, distance, incline, decline, calories burned and pulse. The feature of Android OS in this Powermax treadmill TDA 260 gives you an exceptional experience while working out.

12. Hydraulic Soft-drop System (HSS) Folding: This Powermax treadmill TDA has Hydraulic Soft-drop System which allows you to unfold the treadmills by simply kicking the yellow tube and lowering the treadmill. This amazing HSS folding supports the weight as the treadmill is lowered and lifted.

13. Roller: The roller in this Powermax treadmill TDA 260 ensures movement of the running belt and increases the life of bearings and running belt. It is steel crowned and the precisely made machine keeps the belt centred.

14. Maximum User Weight Capacity: Powermax treadmill TDA 260 has maximum user weight capacity of 120 kg.

One of the customers has reviewed the Powermax treadmillTDA 260:
“Thank you, Amazon, for a great product and delivered in time and safe. Powermax, your product was awesome. Fixing took about 2 hours for my wife and me as one person could not lift. I have said 90% is already fixed. We have fixed around 20 bolts. After fixing it, when we turned it on, all the hard work was forgotten. It worked flawlessly and worked without noise. Only one thing couldn’t figure out where to add the oil provided. Now coming to the features, there is too much to say. Just will it be connected to Wi-Fi just with a click? Video playing is good, and the sound is big enough for a 20×20 feet hall. Overall experience very, very, very good. I will recommend it to all already recommended to many. Proud to have one.”

Technical Details ( Powermax treadmill TDA 260 ):

  1. Frame material: Alloy steel
  2. Size: Universal
  3. Colour: Black
  4. Usage: Body Fitness-Body Posture Maintenance-Super Strong Spine-Blood Pressure and Diabetic-Exercise Weight Loss Muscle Building Joint Flexibility Increases Strong Bone Density Healthy Heart Mental Health and Motivation
  5. Speed rating: 14 kilometres/hour
  6. Horsepower: 2 horsepower
  7. Display Type: 7″ Color Touch Screen
  8. Item Weight: 76 kg
  9. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 32 x 46 x 72 Centimeters

Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate

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