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mixer grinder buying guide

This blog on mixer grinder buying guide intends to teach you about mixer grinder, their usage and how vigilant you should be, when you use one.

But just like everything else, even mixer grinders have evolved and also their usage!! And this mixer grinder buying guide intends to highlight just that!

Ask any woman born in the 1940s and 1950s; she will swear about the grinding stone. It was the most common appliance you used to find in every kitchen. Nowadays, you hardly find such stones in the kitchen anymore. 

The woman of the 1960s and 1970s will take the name Sumeet. A mixer grinder brand name in every household. Please don’t worry; this mixer grinder buying guide will not be a history lesson but instead the most detailed manual you will ever read. 

But in today’s hectic lifestyle, I don’t think it is a feasible option. And now, this is where a mixer grinder comes to your rescue. 

That’s not all; you can make tomato puree for your tomato curry, or you can whip up ice-cream shakes for the children at home.

So much so that some mixers also come with an atta kneading attachment. This attachment helps you knead all kinds of dough used for making different types of breads. This appliance is versatile and can help you cook different cuisines.

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What are the different types of Mixer Grinders? Mixer grinder buying guide

What kind of mixer grinder buying guide is without explaining the types of mixer grinders!


A mixer mixes or grinds ingredients in a semi-liquid state. It is generally used for making purees and batter. A mixer is a device driven by gears used in cooking to mix ingredients – again, usually in a semi-liquid state. 

There are two types of mixers

  1. Stand Mixer– A stand mixer is used for mixing hard ingredients together. The motor in a stand mixer is powerful and facilitates easy mixing. They are used for making batters, kneading dough and whipping cream.
  2. Hand Mixer– A hand mixer is a handheld version of the stand mixer – but much less powerful. It has a less powerful motor and is usually used for mixing less viscous semi-liquid ingredients – for example, like an eggbeater. 
Hand Mixer


A grinder grinds– the motor is quite more potent than a mixer’s. A grinder is a machine that is used to grind substances into a powdery form. We can use them to grind both dry and wet substances. Cereals, lentils and spices are the common ingredients that are powdered using a grinder. 

There are mainly two types

Coffee Grinder– It is used for grinding coffee beans into powder for your caffeine fix. Fresh and aromatic coffee will be at your disposal. Strictly for such a purpose. 

Meat Grinder– Meat grinders are used to grind all types of meat, including pork, chicken, mutton, and beef. Therefore, these are the most powerful mixer grinder in their class. They are ideal for both commercial and domestic use. Parts of a meat grinder are detachable to facilitate easy cleaning

Coffee Grinder

Mixer Grinder

It is a combination appliance that combines the functions of mixers and grinders. It is one of cruical part of this mixer grinder buying guide. It has two jars- one for wet products and the other for dry ones.

Mixer Grinder Demo

Juicer Mixer Grinder

Using Juicer Mixer Grinder

It is an all-in-one appliance and includes all functions of juicing, mixing and grinding. The motor is specialized, and this appliance has the maximum number of jars.

What should you look for when buying a Mixer Grinder?

Things to look for in mixer grinder buying guide. 

Type of Mixer Grinder:

You have to ask yourself, what is it that you want to purchase the mixer grinder? What would be the use of a mixer grinder? Based on that, you can choose whether you want to settle for a mixer grinder or buy a juicer mixer grinder instead.

Size/Number of Jars:

You need to figure out the size of the mixer grinder. If you live in a joint family, you will need a heavy-duty mixer grinder with large jars. More jars mean more functions. So it would be best if you choose a mixer that offers you multiple jars. Usually, a mixer grinder will have two separate jars for dry and wet grinding.

The wet grinding jar has a lid that fits tightly. It can be used to grind coconut or making different types of chutneys. The dry grinding jar is typically the smaller of the two. It is useful for grinding materials like spices or grains into a fine powder.

Suppose you are from a nuclear family or are living alone. In that case, a small-sized mixer grinder with two jars will be more than sufficient for you. Another essential feature you should carefully stress while looking out for a mixer grinder buying guide.

Levels of Speed:

Look for mixer grinders that offer multiple levels of speed. Different speed levels allow you to operate the mixer grinder at different speeds, resulting in a more versatile performance. Another essential feature you should carefully stress while looking out for a mixer grinder buying guide. 

Buy a model with at least three levels of speed. Delicate food can be processed at lower speeds, while higher speeds are useful for faster and efficient processing of coarse ingredients. If you desire to have a very fine paste of your material, you need to operate the machine at very high speeds.

Rating in Minutes

It is nothing but the time for which a mixer grinder runs continuously. Generally, running it for 30 minutes is safe. The motor needs a break, or else the appliance can get spoilt very fast due to continuous beating and heat. 

Some of the mixer grinder buying guide out there, even omit this point, but it is very crucial.

Revolutions per minute:

This metric, also known as RPM, stands for the number of times a mixer grinder will revolve in 60 seconds. Typically, Indian mixer grinders offer RPM of between 5,000 and 20,000. Note that too much speed is not good. For normal tasks, a speed of up to 10,000 RPM is ideal.

A potential saftey hazard, so be very mindful of it.


The higher the Wattage, the more powerful is the motor. For a typical Indian kitchen, a mixer grinder with a power of 500 Watts is sufficient. If you have a large family, you should opt for a mixer grinder with a motor of 750 Watts as you can grind more in a single jar. But remember, the more the number of Watts, the higher is the noise.


What is your budget for the mixer grinder? Are you willing to spend generously, or are you price conscious? Depending on how much you want to part with in bringing home the machine, you can make a price comparison between the different brands. It is one of the most crucial questions while navigating for a mixer grinder buying guide. 

Mixer grinders with juicers are more expensive than ones without juicers. Also, mixer grinders with both dry and wet grinding capabilities are priced higher.


It’s important to consider safety aspects like earthing. Damaged electronic appliances can be a reason for mishaps like shocks. We would like to say in this mixer grinder buying guide to spend some extra time to know the safety features of a mixer grinder. See the video below, it highlights how power a mixer grinder actually is, so be very careful when you use one.

Overload Protection:

Sometimes we tend to overfill our jars with material or run the mixer for an invariably longer time; in that case, there is a risk of burning the mixer’s motor due to overload. To avoid this, some mixer grinder companies offer an overload protection function that acts as a circuit breaker in case of overload, thereby preventing the machine from further damage.

You cannot ignore this feature while looking out for a mixer grinder buying guide. 

Incher/Pulse Facility:

Incher facility controls the speed of the mixer and helps in chopping delicate food items such as tomatoes, parsley, boiled eggs and prevents thinning them out into a fine paste.


The lock system of the mixer grinder is an important safety feature. You cannot start the machine unless the jar is properly locked on the main assembly unit. Another important feature you should carefully stress while looking out for a mixer grinder buying guide.


If you are a low maintenance person and do not like cleaning jobs, you may want to avoid buying a mixer grinder with too many jars and attachments. A simple two jar model that is easy to maintain would be the best for you. Another important feature you should carefully stress while looking out for a mixer grinder buying guide.


Since a mixer grinder is an appliance that has to be used almost daily, it is necessary that the machine and its parts are made of durable material. Mixer grinders with steel jars and break-proof plastic lids are ideal for heavy users.


Different companies offer different warranties on mixer grinder models. It is better to ask about the warranties offered on the products so that in the future, the servicing and replacements of your mixer grinder are taken care of in case anything goes wrong.

For mixer grinders, you will get a warranty of between 2 and 5 years. Some of the brands provide a higher warranty of 7 years, but that applies only to the motor and not to the body of the mixer grinder. Another essential feature you should carefully stress while looking out for a mixer grinder buying guide.

Meaning of Pulse:

When looking out for the best mixer grinder buying guide – it is crucial to know the pulse’s meaning. This rating you will observe almost on every manual. 

Explaining the Pulse Button in Blenders

Mixer grinder buying guide

This mixer grinder buying guide is incomplete without the mention of pulse in blenders.

Blenders come in different speeds and options. The most basic blenders come with only a single-speed or single speed and a pulse. While you can have more options and different blending results with a variable speed blender and pulse function, but have you ever wondered what exactly is the pulse function and what do you need it for?

How does the pulse button work?

When you press on the pulse button appearing as “pulse” or “P” on your blender, it works on the highest speed and stops immediately once you release it.

Why is it useful?

You will have better control over processing, blending, chopping and kneading. Alternatively, you can manually switch between a selected speed and powering off, but the pulse function is easier and more effective. The reason is that pulse function quickly starts at maximum speed and instantly stops, wasting no seconds in between switching from speed to stop.

What does the pulse button offer uniquely in blending results?

One of the most crucial part of this mixer grinder buyin guide.

It gives you higher control over consistencies and a variety of options and results. So if you are chopping or blending and wish to have chunky pieces, you can easily and effectively do so with a pulse function. You will find it handy when you make smoothies with frozen fruits, yoghurt and chunky salsa with herbs.

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