MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill Detailed Review| Maxpro Treadmill Review

MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill

Don’t you wish for a robustly built motorized treadmill with impeccable attributes that merge with your lifestyle and come in handy in performing exercises in your own home!! The simple answer is a damn YES. The MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill possesses a wide running space (1150X420 mm), a weight capacity of up to 110 Kgs, inclination features, 5 – inch large screen and long shelf life. It also has a soft drop hydraulic system to fold and store the machine easily. For a detailed buying guide, read this article.

Treadmills are that fitness equipment that is easy to use and can burn more calories as comapred to other forms of home exercises. With incline treadmills, you get a feeling of walking on the hills, which will help you burn more calories. MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill has an amazing high-quality texture running belt and a heavy gauge steel frame. It also comes with a massager and two dumbbells and many more amazing features.

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MAXPRO Treadmill

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1. Running belt is of fantastic quality.

2. Installation and maintenance of this MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill could be easily done by you.

3. The motor of this Maxpro treadmill makes less noise.

4. It can be used continuously for hours, without any major issues.


1. I would not recommend people more than 85 KG weight to use this MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill 

2. Hydraulics sometimes needs more than push to fold and unfold

3. It would be good to have pause button. Currently it just resets.

4. MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill does not has an auto incline but has a manual incline.

Some of the most fantastic features of the MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill are:

  • Motor: This MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill has a motor which is 2.0HP(4HP Peak) DC quiet motor power for interval, speed, or endurance training.
  • Display: MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill has a 5″ Blue LCD that shows Hand Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance covered, Calories. By this, you can easily track your workout.
  • Speed Range: This Maxpro treadmill has a speed range of 1 to 14 km/hr. You can select different speed base on your physical condition and exercise based.
  • Pre-set programs: There are 12 pre-set programs in this MAXPRO treadmill for an efficient workout and H1-H3 Program that helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn fat.
  • Safety key: Before starting to walk, jog or run on the treadmill. You need to attach the safety key to your clothes. This will help you decrease the injury, as the treadmill will automatically stop if you fall or drift back dangerously.
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: This MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill has a maximum user weight of 110kg.
  • Heart Rate Sensor: It has a handheld Pulse Stay in your target heart rate zone with built-in thumb sensors that help you monitor your heart rate throughout your workout, allowing you to keep within your target one.
  • Mobile/Tablet holder, USB, MP3: This MAXPRO treadmill features a Mobile and tablet holder for safekeeping your smart devices while running, along with USB Port, MP3 Speakers so that you can enjoy your workout by listening to your favourite track or watching movies.
  • Running area: The MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill has a running surface with a dimension of 1150X420 mm. This space is sufficient for you to walk or run on the treadmill easily.
  • Running belt: This Maxpro treadmill has a multi-layered running belt that reduces sudden shocks. The textured material offers optimum traction and makes it easy to use without compromising on its functionality.
  • Hydraulic Soft Drop System(HSS): This MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill is easily foldable using a soft drop hydraulic system. Running surface : (L x W) 1150 X 420mm . The multi-layered running belt reduces sudden shocks. The textured material optimum traction and makes it easy to use without compromising on its functionality
  • Transportation wheels: Wheels for easy transportation. 1-Year product warranty, Product Installation, and Service Charge Extra.
MAXPRO Treadmill

Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate

One of the customers has reviewed the following about this MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill:

After searching for around 2 days with all reviews I bought this. Though for this product, ratings were good and the number of reviews was less. But still, I went for it as per my weight 90 kg. This treadmill is fitted with a 2 HP motor, Welcare brand product and Welcare showrooms are available everywhere. After using it for around 1 month I find it very good for home use, no vibration, abnormal sound coming, easy to fit and maintenance. But I would suggest the Welcare team to provide at least 1 free preventive maintenance within 6 months. It would be good for the product if the person using it can well take care of it. For those who weigh more than 90kgs or around 90 kgs, this is is most affordable 2hp motor fitness treadmill.

Technical Specifications- MAXPRO PTM 405 treadmill:

  • Motor: 2.0HP Continuous (4HP Peak) DC motor
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Heart rate sensors: Yes
  • Display: 5″ LCD screen
  • Transportation wheels: Yes
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Mobile/ Tablet holder: Yes
  • Treadmill Weight: 47 Kilograms
  • Treadmill Dimensions LxWxH: 156.5 x 29 x 77 Centimeters
  • Massager: Yes (for waist, glute and hip)
  • Dumbbells: Yes
  • Incline: Yes, 3 level (Manual)

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Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate

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