Is Powermax treadmill good?

The short answer to “is powermax treadmill good” it is yes.

Powermax treadmills are highly efficient exercise machines that are good for running, walking, and jogging. All the models are well equipped with a decent motor that you can continuously use for long hours. There are different models to choose from covering all budget ranges. Even, they all come with excellent customer support and warranty as well. For a detailed buying guide, read this article.

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Powermax fitness is one of the leading brands for sporting equipment and tools. Their products, especially These treadmills, are a famous choice among health aware people for exercise (Running or jogging) at home, gyms, and health centres.

Why Choose Powermax Treadmills?

Powermax offers a wide range of treadmills that caters various needs of different people. So, if you are thinking about why to choose treadmills from Powermax, here are some amazing reasons. This blog on “is Powermax treadmill good” – is not complete without below points:

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  1. It offers a great range of treadmills covering all budgets ranging from low budget to high cost each with distinctive features.
  2. When it comes to comfort, Powermax Treadmills never disappoint you.
  3. They have a variety of domestic and commercial treadmills to choose from.
  4. The Powermax has a good damping system. For Example, TDM-150 Dual Spring Shock absorption system with comfort tech- 6 point grade damping system reduces stress on joints
  5. From compact, foldable, and bulky models, the brand offers extensive ranges suiting your preferences and space needs.
  6. Not only ideal for home gyms, but also the treadmills from Powermax are trusted by fitness centres, commercial gyms, and health centres, etc.
  7. In terms of ratings and reviews, the Powermax treadmills have got a 4.5-star rating or more as well as good customer reviews for both the quality and price.
  8. All the Powermax treadmills come with a minimum of one year of parts and a labour warranty.
  9. As compared to other brands, Powermax offers 3 years motor warranty on their motorized treadmills.
  10. Having a country-wide network of servicing, Powermax offers after-sales repair and maintenance service in the fastest possible time to their customers.

There are other points in this blog for “Is Powermax treadmill good”. We have discussed them in great details below.

How much electricity does Treadmill consume/ Costs? Is Powermax treadmill good

What good is the blog on “Is Powermax treadmill good” without knowing how much energy it consumes? Basically, it depends on the size (HP rating) of the motor used in the treadmill and the maximum body user weight of the user in Kg who would be using the treadmill.

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For example, let us assume you are using a 3.0HP motor Treadmill (say Model TDA350) which has a maximum user weight (load) of 120Kg and assuming your body weight is 120Kg and you are running at full speed (18Km/hr) for one hour. In this case, the standard power consumption calculation is as below.

Now 1 HP (Horse Power) = 746 watts

So 3 HP = 3*746 watts = 2238 watts

1 unit of Power Consumed = 1 kWh= 1000 Watts used for one hour.

So, in the above case as you run for one hour it consumes

2238/1000= 2.238 units of power.

I hope this does answer “is Powermax treadmill good”. Generally, units of electricity consumed are lower than above as actual load (user weight), speed and duration at which treadmill is used are less.

You can consider one unit of power consumed for one hour of treadmill use.

The above is the standard calculation but the quality of motor used plays a very important role in electricity consumption. If the motor used has 100% electrolytic copper and is a green, efficient motor then it uses less current and hence less power. For reference read here.

After-sales – Is Powermax treadmill good:

After-Sales Service is so very important. In case you need support, the response time for servicing your treadmill matters so that you don’t miss out on your Fitness goal.

It is one of the most important aspects of this blog on “is Powermax treadmill” good provide after-sales service all across India & response time is 48 -72hrs.

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Frequency of Lubrication – Is Powermax treadmill good

It is another crucial point in this blog on “Is Powermax treadmill good”. It depends on the model of treadmill being used as in some models an alert would pop up when treadmill needs lubrication like treadmill model TDA150 and more.

In case of other models follow the below recommendation based on usage:


  1. Light Use (less than 3 hours per week): lubrication every 6 months.
  2. Medium Use (4-7 hours per week): lubrication every 3 months.
  3. Heavy Use (more than 7 hours per week): lubrication every 1 month.
  4. Or put your hand underneath the treadmill belt and feel along the running deck, as close to the centre of the deck as you can. See If you feel any dampness. If your hand feel dry then lubrication is needed.

What about space constraints? Is Powermax treadmill good

If there is space constraint in your house, the ideal solution is a foldable treadmill. Unique Space Saving Treadmills like the UrbanTrek series from Powermax is available, which fulfils your requirements without using up a lot of space.

Can I use Inverter (Battery) to run Powermax treadmill?

All Powermax Treadmill needs 230V single phase ac power supply to run the treadmill. There is a convertor in treadmill which converts input ac power to dc power as motor inside the treadmill works at 180V DC.

Another important point in the overall blog on “is powermax treadmill good”. Let me explain with example.

Now lets assume you have Powermax Treadmill model TD-N1 which use 1hp (745Watts) dc motor. 745 Watt motor means it will run at its rated speed when it consumes 745 Watt , that means the rated current of the motor is (745/180)= 4.13 A , so to run the motor you will have to ensure that the battery is capable of supplying that much amount of current or the current capacity of the battery should be atleast 4.13A.

So if the capacity of battery is less than the rated current of the motor , motor will not run properly it will get less current since battery itself is not able to supply that much amount of current. Say If you have 12 Volt 6 A battery (6Ah) , than you should connect 15 such batteries (15X12 =180V) in series so that Voltage is 180 V. So 15 such batteries connected will run your 1Hp (745watts) motor treadmill for one hour minimum. So the invertor you have selected should provide 230V ac with 6A output as its maximum nominal output current.


Hope you did this like this blog on “is powermax treadmill good”

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