Home theater buying guide India | Most detailed analysis.

Home theater buying guide India

Imagine you are sitting with your family, enjoying your drink and your HD movie. Everything is working for your, moment, movie and above all the companionship of the people, you love. Now you realise that a sound theatre system is not just about spending more money; it is about having these moments without any hiccups.

And this is where this Home theater buying guide India blog comes to your rescue.

Whether you are enjoying the cricket world cup, your favourite movie or your best TV show we need a kickass system to keep us immersive.

We at Truepic intend to do help you with just that, and we want to provide you with a 360-degree view of your home theatre System.

Quick QnA:

Question 1: Is a 5.1 system better than a 7.1 system?

Solution: Everything boils down to the requirement. This question basically reflects the lack of clarity between these two terms. And I am glad you asked this!! Go to the table of content below and click on “Buying Guide For Best Home Theatre System (MUST READ)” it is the most detailed buying guide on planet earth

Question 2: What’s the best placement for a 5.1 home theatre system? Do I have to place my subwoofer in a specific position?

Solution: It is the most detailed Home theater buying guide India – so do read.

But first, put the pieces of the puzzle together!!

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The TV or projector screen

Well, this point is highly debatable, choosing a TV is something we would like to leave at the discretion of our readers. But, we would still recommend you go with at least an HD one. You see, the quality of the movie that you see on a screen is a stimulating experience.

Just imagine, what kind of Home theater buying guide India – would dare to miss this topic, no matter how controversial it is.

Hence you would not like to take it lightly. Spend a little extra buck if it means getting a clear quality. But the good news is, you have plenty of options to choose from, so I would not worry on this front.

  1. Video:

Your favourite shows and movies can come from any number of devices in addition to your set-top box. Blu-ray players and 4K media players give you a gorgeous viewing experience and a vibrant home theatre sound.

There are other products from the likes of Apple. But we would not recommend that, not until you are a real movie geek. It just involves spending too much money.

Home theatre System Receivers – Home theater buying guide India

The Audio/Visual (AV) receiver, not only powers the whole system, it’s the brains behind the entire operation. The receiver’s job is to receive, interpret, and then process the TV audio signal coming into before sending it along to its ultimate destination: your TV and speakers.

You will need a home theatre AV receiver with no less than five channels and one subwoofer output to operate your home theatre. On a side note, we suggest getting an AV receiver with Dolby Atmos and if possible with seven channels.

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But we also know that the above is only possible if your room can support it and you plan to keep your audio system for a while. However, one this is for sure, it would provide you with a theatre-like audio experience at home.

And this forms important corenerstone of this Home theater buying guide India blog.

A good home theatre System AV receiver can perform many functions, such as:

  • Correctly interpret all audio data and assign a channel to each speaker.
  • Send the above to any additional wired and wireless speakers throughout the house. (A good receiver = your home’s central audio hub and/or party machine.)
  • If it’s wireless, it will be able to stream anything from anywhere. Your music library, your favourite streaming music stations, and so on.
  • Allow your Blu-ray player to shine with stellar sound.
  • Switch among multiple “sound” modes, from Dolby Cinema Surround Sound to Live Cafe to Stereo (for your music) and other methods.

Home theatre System Speaker – Home theater buying guide India

Home theater buying guide India

When it comes to audio, it makes sense to choose your speakers first, because your speaker choice helps determine your receiver choice. Prominent speakers need significant power; little speakers need less power.

Also, more speakers mean you’ll need more channels on your receiver. And for the most immersive sound possible, you may want to consider adding the latest in home theatre technology: Dolby Atmos.

How many speakers is enough!!

Critical question of this Home theater buying guide India blog.

We know one thing: more is always better when it comes to sound, and there are tones of speaker combinations that can create authentic home theatre sound.

The traditional home theatre includes five speakers: a centre speaker, a left and a right speaker, two rear left and right speakers, and, of course, a subwoofer. A typical set-up looks like this:

The centre speaker, which is where most dialogue comes from, is usually centred just below the TV. The left speaker goes to the left and the right to the right. The two rear speakers are placed or installed at the rear of the room, behind the viewing audience. Typically, the left and right forward speakers are more significant than the left and right rear speakers.

What do the channels mean?

Home theater buying guide India

One of my favourite part of this Home theater buying guide India!

There’s 5.1, and 7.1, and 11.2, and 5.1.2 and other different kinds of home theatre system. What’s that all about? If you think of channels as speakers, the first number (the 7 in a 7.1 system, for example) is the number of speakers or seven speakers in this example. The .1 refers to whether the system has a subwoofer or not, so the .1 in a 7.1 system = one subwoofer.

The last number, for example, the .2 in a 5.1.2 system = how many Dolby Atmos speakers are in the set-up. So a 5.1.2 home theatre system means five speakers, one subwoofer, and 2 Dolby Atmos, speakers. So much for the terminology, huh!!

Think of channels as speakers. And though most music formats only require two channels (left and right). The more channels you have, the more speakers you can add and more effective home theatre system you have. And the more speakers you add, the better and more immersive the sound.

At a very minimum, you’re going to want five channels… but we highly, (that’s two highly) recommend getting at least 7. With seven channels, you will experience – at home – the same thing you do in today’s state-of-the-art digital cinemas: big, thrilling, hang-on-tight, theatre sound.

Let’s break down benefits by channels:

• An excellent old stereo system is now referred to as 2.0 (Two channels, two speakers).

 •  Add a subwoofer for impactful bass, and now you have 2.1. The “2” refers to the two front speakers, and the subwoofer is the “.1”.

• Add a centre channel speaker, so the dialogue always seems to come from the centre of the screen (especially important if you sit a little to the side) and we have “3.1”.

 •  Add two more speakers near the back of the room for wrap-around surround sound, and we’re at “5.1”. (5.1 was the surround sound standard up until a few years ago when things started getting crazy good.)

 •  Larger rooms, especially where your sofa is a distance from the back wall, may call for side and rear surround speakers, which takes us to “7.1”.

 • The coup de grâce, and the latest thing: Dolby Atmos, where we place two or more speakers in the ceiling. Now we’re talking actual 3D sound, where any audio can hover at any point in space. To recap: a “7.2.1” system has three speakers in front, two on the sides, two in the rear of the room, and a pair in the ceiling. Plus the subwoofer, which is typically in the back, but can go anywhere.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog. We also hope you have been able to find the best home theatre system in India. It does not matter if it is a home theatre system from JBL, or a Bluetooth speaker from Sony, if it suits your need, I think you have got your own version of best home theatre system.

Home theater buying guide India

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