Foot Massager Buying Guide

foot massager buying guide

One of the most detailed foot massager buying guide in India. we will explain in details the useful parameters you should take under consideration before buying a foot massager. If you want to know the top foot massager in India, please do click here.

1. Application of foot massager – foot massager buying guide

  • Foot and Ankle – Some massagers have a taller design that can reach ankles and soles of the feet at the same time. It can also be applied to massage the sides and arches of the feet at a time.
  • Foot, Ankle & Calf
    Now, most of our foot massagers discussed so far belong to this category. There are only few massagers in the market that target calf muscles as well. Instead of open design, some models have a tilt option which allows them to massage the ankles, sole and calf muscles as well. Massaging with this type of foot massagers can have a great advantage of relieving the tension in the muscles.
  • Foot – Some foot massagers can only massage the foot area. These massagers usually meant for targeting muscles on the soles, which can provide multiple beneficial benefits.

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2. Important questions to answer:

Any foot massager buying guide is incomplete without raising this questions.

Some of the foot massagers are tailored to remove the stress and improve relaxation. While some of them have therapeutic benefits like reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation and decrease pain. So, think about the reason for your purchasing a foot massager carefully. Some of the questions you should ask include…

  • Do you pain in the feet or calf muscles as well?
  • Are you experiencing pain after sitting/standing for several hours?
  • Are you trying to find the best foot massager for pregnancy?
  • Are you looking for a massager that relieves pain caused by serious issues like arthritis?

Please note we have pointed out the purpose served by the foot massagers, but for some medical situations like pregnancy, people who have arthritis, we would strongly advise consulting a doctor first. Though some of our products mentioned here are beneficial for medical situations like these, it never hurts to get a second opinion, isn’t it??

3. Design of foot massager:

One of the main points to remember while reading this foot massager buying guide!!

Each foot has unique features and different construction. That is why foot massagers are designed into two types to cater most of the foot massaging needs. The design of the massager influences the massaging style. Below we have explained the two types clearly…

a) Open Design

Most of the manufacturers prefer open design for developing their products. It helps to rest the feet on the massager’s deck comfortably.

  • They are usually light in weight and portable, so you can carry them wherever you want.
  • As they are whisper silent, they will not interfere with regular activities or cause disturbance to surround people.
  • Although they provide thorough massage, open design foot massagers are not capable of massaging calves or ankles
  • None of these machines has the capability of massaging the arches of feet.
  • Only open design foot massagers can reach the heels for a massage.
  • Some of them have heat therapy option, which reaches the feet soles to relieve pain and stress.
  • These massagers have relatively low maintenance.
b) Closed Design

Closed design foot massagers are very popular in India. They are capable of massaging soles, sides, heels and arches of the feet.

  • Apart from soles, heat therapy feature lets heat spread to arches and sides of the feet along with the soles.
  • You can combine different massaging techniques to get the best possible relief.
  • They require high maintenance than open design ones. However, they are still easy to handle.
  • Some of these models come with remove controlling feature, which can be useful for people who cannot bend over or straighten like elderly.
  • These foot massagers also come with different intensity settings. So, you can personalize the settings based on your requirements and moods.
  • They are designed to cater to all kinds of feet. However, some of them can be a little tight for people with large feet.

4. Different Types of Massaging Stylesfoot massager buying guide

One of the main points to remember while reading this foot massager buying guide!!

It is essential to consider the massaging action because it has a direct impact on the effects of the massage. Here are some of the standard massaging modes available in foot massagers for home use. However, most of the products discussed here have a combination of the below mentioned messaging styles:

  • Vibration: It helps to loosen up the muscles more quickly. Gentle vibration is also smooth on painful and sore muscles. It uses gentle strokes like jostling, shaking, or vibration to soothe or stimulate the body depending on the pressure applied. The intensity of this massaging type is low so that anyone can use it.
  • Kneading: This action provides a more profound impact on the muscles and calves. This technique mainly focuses on loosening, stretching, and lifting the tense muscles and stubborn knots. It is suitable for people who handle high-stress. It helps to soothe muscles, release tension and improve overall body balance.
  • Shiatsu:  This traditional Japanese massage method uses similar pressure experienced by hand massage. In some cases, this massaging modes include heat as well for better relief. It helps to release energy, relax muscles, comfort tight muscles and focus on restoring natural balance. They are suitable for people who have hectic modern-day lifestyle.
  • Compression: It involves the direct application of the pressure to the painful areas for relaxation and rejuvenation of muscles. This massaging mode also dilates the capillaries, which in turn improve the blood circulation issues.
  • Infrared: The invisible infrared rays will penetrate the muscles deeply to provide relief and other health benefits. These rays elevate the surface temperature to relax the stiff muscles and increase blood circulation. This functionality is combined with different massaging modes to provide maximum relief.
  • Hydrotherapy: This massaging mode uses water pressure to relax the muscles, relieve pain, release knots and increase circulation. Some Foot Spa massagers use water jets and bubbles to massage the feet and relieve pain and tension. Adjustments can be made to the jet speed of the water as per preference.
  • Rolling: This technique applies constant pressure to warm and loosen up the muscles, providing a deeper massage. It is perfect for people who have a physically difficult job daily.
  • Percussion: This massaging technique release muscle tensions to provide maximum comfort. It is perfect for athletes and sports enthusiasts because this technique helps improve muscle strength and ability.

5. Durability

It is one of the important aspects because it assures that the product will last for a long time. A high quality massaging machine has good strength. However, they are expensive as well. Some products come with a lifetime warranty as well. The more extended warranty is, the safe it is purchasing the product.

6. Ease of Maintenance

Most of the foot massagers from leading brands have easy controls, buttons and switches, which makes it easy to clean and maintain them. And moreover, some of them have remote control functionality. Lightweight models are much easier to move around, so it also makes cleaning them easy.

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6. Heat Functionality

Some electric foot massagers have heaters that apply heat to various parts of the foot that enhances relaxation and improve blood flow – an important parameter to consider while reading this blog on foot massager buying guide. The heat helps to relieve aches and pains. The heating action may be limited to the bottom of the foot or the entire foot. It is better to have a heat adjustability feature – as it helps to adjust according to requirement and season.

Manual foot massagers don’t have heat functionality. So, while making the purchase makes sure to analyze whether a portable model is better or having heat factor.

7. Controls

Choose a foot massager with easy controls so that you can use it without any complications. The most foot massager has in-built controls present on the body of the massager and some come with a remote. If you find it difficult to bend down and use the controls on the foot massager, then opt for a massager with remote control.

Product theory – foot massager buying guide

We somehow felt the need to explain the science behind using foot massager in this foot massager buying guide!

Reflexology is based on traditional medicine, meridian science, magnetic science, as well as reflexology health law; it is made of integration of modern electronic technology and medical research achievements.

When the body’s tissues and organs are abnormal, the foot reflex zones corresponding to that zone will appear as air bubbles, granular, bar-shaped
locks, small nodules and so on. When you massage these reflex points, they will have a very clear sense of tenderness.

This pain will transmit from the afferent nerve to the central nervous system, and be controlled by the central nervous and issued a new regulation and the conduction of nerve impulses into the body tissues and organs, causing a series of humeral regulation of neural response, triggering the body’s potential to adjust the body’s imbalance.

I guess that is all from our end on everything about foot massager. In case you still have any doubt, feel free to raise a question, via comment, we have ourselves used 5 of the mentioned foot massager, this gives us insights as a customer as well. Thank you!!

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