Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp – Detailed Review | Cockatoo Treadmill Review

Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp

Treadmills are a piece of fitness equipment that helps you exercise conveniently and comfort that too at your home. You may often not be able to go out for a walk or jog or run because of the bad weather conditions. Treadmills help you to provide an efficient and predictable workout at home. Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp motorized treadmill helps you to improve your in-home cardio workouts. You can customize your workouts according to your needs in treadmills, and that’s why it is always good to own a treadmill. For a detailed buying guide, read this article.

This Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill has a compact design with a speed range of 0.8-14 km/hr. You can enjoy walking, jogging, or running on the lightweight treadmill. You can easily track your distance, duration, speed, pulse, and calories burned on the home treadmill during the workout sessions with the built-in 5-inch LCD screen. Along with this, you can also calculate your BMI with the BMI calculator. 

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The Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill has so many amazing features at this price range. You can easily adjust your workout preferences in seconds with the quick buttons, 12 program modes, and handrail buttons. 

Cockatoo Treadmill

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  • The installation of this Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill is effortless.
  • The 5′ LCD is amazing and shows every necessary information of your workout session.
  • The running space is more than adequate.
  • This Cockatoo treadmill is compact and foldable and can be moved easily because of the transportation wheels.
  • It is ideal for home use.
  • The music output is amazing.
  • The Cockatoo treadmill does not take much space.
  • The running mat is good and smooth.
  • The shock absorbers work very well.
  • This Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill is sturdy with the good build quality.
  • It has so many features in this price range, which is amazing.
  • It is user-friendly as well as a pocket-friendly treadmill.
  • This Cockatoo treadmill doesn’t shake even when running at a higher speed.


  • There is no auto inclination. You have to adjust the incline level manually.
  • The speaker is of a little low quality as the sound is concerned.

FEATURES – Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill:

  • Quiet Motor: Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill has a noiseless and energy-conserving 1.75 HP (Continuous) 3.5 HP(Peak) DC motor. It is quiet that you can easily work out on the treadmill without disturbing your neighbours.
  • 5” LCD Display Features: This Cockatoo treadmill has a 5” LCD screen that displays duration, speed, distance, and pulse. With this, you can keep track of your workout. 
  • Pre-set programs: There are 12 pre-set workout programs in this Cockatoo treadmill for an effective workout, changeable mode, and it will help plan structured exercise and keep you energetic all day long.
  • Adjustable Manual Incline: When talking about the incline, This Cockatoo treadmill has three manually adjusted incline levels. Walking on an incline helps you take the workout to the next level, as it will burn more calories than walking on a plain platform.
Cockatoo Treadmill

Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate

  • Transportation Wheels: You can transform your home into your own personal fitness studio with the convenient transport wheels present in this  Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill. You need to tilt and roll out for use or away for storage; no need for heavy lifting or muscle strain. The built-in wheels allow the user to move the treadmill around with ease, from room to room or store it away out of sight.
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: The maximum user weight of this Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill is 110 kg. This treadmill is designed for both intense running and endurance-driven walking sessions.
  • Foldable Design: An amazing feature of this Cockatoo treadmill is that it has a foldable design. This easy fold design locks and holds the running deck upright while the soft drop system slowly lowers the deck to the floor.
  • Compact Running Deck: As this Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp has a compact design, the running deck is also very compact. The space-saving running deck measures 16.5-inches wide and 49.6-inches long. Along with the conservation of space,  the comfortable and foldable running deck is equipped with shock absorption, which can ease the impacts on the user’s joints during workout sessions.
  • Running Area:  Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill has a running area which measures 420 x1260 mm (16.5″ x 49.6″). This space is adequate for walking, jogging or running, and you can do the same comfortably and safely.
  • MP3 AUD & USB Input: Doing a boring and uninterested workout will not be that efficient. With this Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill, you can enjoy your workout by listening to your favourite tracks and make the workout more enjoyable. This will keep you energetic and make your workout more beneficial. You can also charge your personal device during your workout using the fitness equipment’s on-console USB port.

Technical Details – Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill: 

  • Motor power: 1.75 HP (Continuous) 3.5 HP(Peak) DC motor
  • Speed: 0.8-14 km/h
  • Display: 5” LCD display.
  • Console Function: Time, speed, distance, calorie, pulse & body fat.
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 110 kgs
  • Incline Type: Manual Incline
  • Incline Levels: 3 Levels
  • Running Belt Thickness: 1.8MM
  • Running Belt: Steel Crowned rollers keep belt centered and running smooth to reduce noise shock absorption .The multilayered belt reduces sudden shocks. The textured material offers optimum traction and makes it easy to use without compromising on its functionality.
  • Running Surface (LxB): 420 x 1260mm (16.5″ x 49.6″)
  • Other features: MP3, AUD & USB Input, Foldable and moveable, Easy Installation, Noiseless Motor, Super shock Reducing Function.
  • Treadmill Weight: 69 kgs
  • Warranty: 3 Years Motor Warranty, 1 Year Parts Warranty, Lifetime Frame Warranty

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this article about the Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 hp treadmill was helpful and you liked it. If you have any suggestions, feel free to give your comments.

Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate

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