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Best Hair Dryer In India

Note: We have written this article solely after spending some time with these devices. We have talked to people who were the first-hand users of hairdryer and Airwrap from Dyson and gone through many other stuffs too.

Now the company which makes both these product is DYSON. So, we know that Dyson appliances are not cheap, but believe me, once you read this article you would know a whole lot more about them. Please do not forget to leave your comment after reading.

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One of my female friends is a huge fan of Ms Lauren Curtis (who is a sort of YouTube star). You will find one of her videos on this blog. She would explain to you how to use this Dyson Hair Dryer, so do not forget to watch and off course like her video.

Now coming to our point, my friend saw this video and now is such a huge fan of Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer that she made her few friends to buy these products. So I thought why not to write about something so damn good. In this blog, we will also discuss Dyson Airwrap, which I am sure you will find interesting to read.

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After hours of going through the material, watching my friend doing a comparison between her old dryer and new Dyson dryer and finally she revealing her inclination towards the former one, I have come to my own few conclusions.

This blog intends to give you a 360-degree view of the Best Hair Dryer in India and the Best Airwrap In India, both from Dyson. So go on and read, enjoy the blog!!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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I am sure many of you must have heard about Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, believe me, its not the looks which attracts people towards it (remember looks are deceptive!!) its the absolute engineering marvel that they feel they are holding in their hands, the overall design will leave you in awe.

Best Hair Dryer In India
Dyson Hair Dryer

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Ok, let me explain in a way you would connect, how did you feel when you watched the movie STAR TREK for the first time. Remember their weapons, that sword kind of thing which used to get lit up (it still gives goosebumps!!). The guns and all those flying things. It was way into the future then.

Somehow, I also get the same feeling when I first saw Dyson Vaccum Cleaner working for the first time!! Somehow same sentiments took over me when I first operated on this hairdryer. It’s simply the best hair dryer available in India, for the next foreseeable future as well. 

The performance you feel, the moment you press the start button, is quite convincing. You just don’t become a leader in household appliance just by few damn good advertisements. You got to prove your worth and without doubt, Dyson has done that.

Many people initially had hesitation, but the moment they took a leap of faith they were amazed. This dryer dries hair in under 10 minutes!!! also button are so designed that you will never “accidentally” change the settings and could easily access the cool air button while still in use.

Usage Of Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer by Ms. Lauren Curtis

The moment you take hold this Dyson hair dryer in your hand, believe me, you will know the difference between all those cheap plastic made hair dryer and this Dyson hairdryer. It’s like a sudden realization. All of a sudden, you come to know the difference between the old one and the NEW one.

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The hair doesn’t get caught, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Now let us talk about the buttons on this Dyson hair dryer and the accessories that come with this dryer.  Let us start with the accessories first. These are magnetic attachments, so it can be easily be attached and detached. It has got 3 different kinds of attachment:

A. Diffuser: Great for reducing frizz and provides you with the option of natural drying experience. All you have to do is to let your hair sit on this diffuser and let the machine take care of the rest. You will find the results absolutely stunning!!

B. Styling Concentrate: It can be used to dry and style the hair and give a straighter look to your hair. Especially useful to those who are into styling their hair.

C. Smoothing Nozzle: It would make sure that your hair looks straight and as if you have come out of the parlour. I bet that would have never happened unless you would use a hair straightener at home or go to an actual parlor.

The functioning of this Dyson hair dryer is way better than your traditional one. It has two buttons placed on the handle, while the top button is a simple power button, the one below that is a cold shot button for diffusing heat with a shot of cool air.

On the head of this hair dryer are two buttons with a set of six LED lights. While the button the right is for heat settings, which allows the temperature to vary between 28 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius, the button the left is for fan speed.

As per science, temperatures above 150°C cause irreparable damage. In order to tackle that something called “Intelligent Heat Control” was installed in this device. What essentially it means is the addition of a glass bead thermistor in front of the heating element which could measure the exit airflow temperature 20 times every second, and prevent temperatures exceeding 150°C. Now that’s dedication!!

Speaking of science, the level of engineering employed in this Dyson hair dryer will leave you speechless as you read further. There is a powerful digital motor V9 within the handle. I do not know whether this will be important for you, but this motor runs at 1,10,000 rpm. I mean that’s a lot!!!

Do you know how much Dyson invested in coming up with this beauty in the body of a beast. Well, any guesses. Hair length of 1,625 kilometres to be precise. Yes, that’s the total length of hair on which studies were conducted. They tested different types of hair, from European to Asian, straight to curly, to understand how each strand handles the stresses of drying. Then came up with this hairdryer.


A. Unlike other hairdryer, this one remains cool. The body of this hair dryer has been forged using a protective coating, which makes its head remain cool even on prolonged usage. For how many hair dryers can you vouch like that??

B. Quality of your hair improves. After using this hairdryer and reading tonnes of reviews one thing which is clear that it takes a damn good care of your hair. Conventional hair dryer damage the hair so much so that people often have to spend a fortune and time to repair and maintain the quality of their hair.

C. Noise: I would not say that it is quiet!! it’s definitely not. But as compared to your traditional dryer (which is difficult to differentiate from your mixer grinder, when operating!!!) it is a blessing.


A. Three things: price & price & finally price. But if you take good care of this hairdryer, it would take good care of your hair too. Above that, your trip to your beauty parlour would reduce, which would again add money to your pocket. So in the long run, I would you are not SPENDING your money, but you are doing an INVESTMENT. 

We know the price is way more than your ordinary hair dryer, but the amount of care this hair dryer gives to your hair, cannot be compared with any other one. Also, this would be your faithful companion if you take care of this dryer as well.

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

Dyson Airwrap: Engineered Beast For Beauties

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There’s a dilemma women normally face nearly every morning which is when you want to have a good hair day it is difficult to judge between straight hair or curled hair.

Dyson Airwrap
Dyson Air Wrap

If you were to wash your hair, you barely have enough time to dry it, let alone curl it. For perfect curl, I don’t think it can be done in one day. But with Dyson’s latest innovation, it seems all you have to do is to decide what do you want.

She may not be a pro but her reviews are honest!!

This Dyson Airwrap a new styling tool that promises to replace your entire kit of hot tools with one device that uses jets of air to blow dry, curl/wave, and straighten all in one. Believe me, it not only actually perform all these things, it saves your time and those endless trips to salons.

What makes Dyson Airwrap do different??

1. It styles hair wet!

This is the biggest draw for me. Now, this is no secret that having to dry hair completely before using hot tools makes styling hair a really time-consuming process. The Airwrap can be used on damp hair and dries it at the same time as it sets a chosen style. It works fast, too.

2. It’s way less damaging than traditional hot tools:

There are two heat settings and one cooling setting on the Dyson Airwrap, but I’d say none of them go beyond what the lowest setting on a hair dryer feels like. Prolonged extreme heat cannot only fry ends and whittle away strand strength but alter dye finish as well. Moreover, it has been proven scientifically that excessive heat can have irreversible damages to your hair. I think all my readers would agree with me on that one!!!

Hence your choice of tool can make a huge impact in your life. The interesting thing about Dyson Airwrap is that it doesn’t rely on heat to primarily make the hair curl or straighten, but rather the strength of high-speed airflow. This means you could style your hair without having to worry as much about damage.

3. It comes with multiple accessories:

The Airwrap has a wand base with different head attachments, including a dryer, two paddle brushes, a round brush, and two widths of clamp less curling barrels. That’s six tools, what more do you need in your kitty, ladies??

How does the Dyson Airwrap work?

Do you think you know everything about hair curling?? Believe me, you DON’T!!. The Dyson Airwrap uses completely new technology that defies the traditional mechanics of curling hair.

After six years of development and a whopping 642 prototypes, over 200 engineers and scientists created a motor that manipulates air in a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect. The Coanda effect happens when high-speed air in a cylinder creates a vortex (like a jet engine). In the tool, high-pressure air flows through six slots in the barrel, which causes hair to attach itself to the surface.

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

The Science Behind..

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