Best Godrej Double Door Fridge | Godrej Refrigerator Eon Review

The Godrej double door fridge has a wide range of fridges on the list. I will be covering the top two fridges which are affordable and have a good storage capacity as well.

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Godrej Double Door Fridge 260 Ltr 3 Star Frost Free

The first fridge is GODREJ 260 L which is a double door fridge.

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This Godrej double door fridge helps you to eat fresh homemade food, to live a healthy and fit life. This kitchen appliance features the Intelligent Automated Defrosting Technology, the Anti-B Technology, and the Aroma Lock Technology to keep your food fresh and odour-free for a long time.


Overall a fantastic product at this price. Most of the users are throughly satisfied with the product.


Customer support is a pain point. Besides this, we did not find any major drawback.

Compartments of this Godrej Double Door Fridge  :

Freezer(Upper) Compartment:

It is used to make and store ice and all frozen desserts. Also used to store meat, poultry, fish, fruit pulp and other frozen foods for an extended period of 8-12 weeks. 

  • A separate ice tray section is provided with two ice trays and an ice server.
  • The twist and serve design allow you to collect the ice formed in the ice server below, by just twisting the ice trays.
  • The ice server can be used for storing ice cubes while the ice trays become available for making more ice cubes. However, please do not use it for making ice. Ice expands with cooling, so it may lead to cracking of the ice server.

Freezer server: The freezer server in the Godrej Double Door Fridge are the containers provided on the left side of the ice tray and can be used for storing meat, fish and other frozen foods. Don’t store liquids in these containers.

Freezer Door Shelf: The freezer also has a shelf in the door section to accommodate small items that need to be frozen. 

Staycool Technology: This feature ensures cooling retention in the freezer area for upto 10 hours in case of power failure.

Intelligent inverter compressor: The intelligent inverter compressor provides better product performance and enhances energy efficiency in the Godrej double door fridge.

godrej double door refrigerator

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Refrigerator (Lower) compartment : 

  1. Movable tray :
  • The slide out movement helps easy and quick access of items placed at the back and at the corners. 
  • It eliminates the need for thawing the food before cooking. Food stored in the freezer can also be kept overnight for gradual thawing.
  1. Adjustable Storage shelves: The Godrej double door fridge has multiple grooves, so you can adjust the position of shelves to suit your needs. They should be pushed to the back.
  2. Cool shower technology:  The shelves contain in-built air vents which transfer the air from the multi-flow air duct at the back and shower it on the food below- ensuring all-round cooling.
  3. Slide-out bin shelf: Container can be used for storing gravy, chopped vegetables, leaves, etc. It helps you organise the storage space.
  4. Vegetable tray: The Godrej double door fridge comes with a large vegetable tray with a recessed handle for ease of use. The vegetable tray also comes with a humidity control knob that allows you to regulate air inflow, keeping vegetables fresh for a longer time. Use the handle to pull the tray. It is very convenient and the tray will slide out easily. For relocating the tray, it is better to give a gentle push to the tray in the centre. Do not use the handle for sliding in. Centre push is easier and will ensure proper relocating of the tray. The vegetable tray also comes with a separator through which the vegetables can be segregated for easy use. The vegetable tray also comes with a Quick Access Flap for easy access to vegetables which are kept in the front compartment of the tray. No need for sliding the tray.
  5. LED Light: The LED Light located at the top of the Godrej double door fridge provision compartment ensures proper illumination in the refrigerator and the recessed design of LED Light makes it easy to access things in the refrigerator.
  6. Aroma lock: The Godrej double door fridge has a special palladium-based deodoriser that removes foul odours and ethylene gas released by some ripening fruits and vegetables. This helps to slow down the decay of the stored food and ensures freshness for a longer time.
  7. Airflow console: The airflow console in the Godrej double door fridge ensures intelligent circulation of cool air throughout the refrigerator. This gives all the food uniform cooling wherever it is stored in the refrigerator(on all shelves). As a result, food stays fresher for a longer time. 
  8. Refrigerator door shelf: The thoughtfully designed door panel gives you the versatility of storage and provides full utilisation of precious space. It offers you : 
  • Removable egg tray
  • Utility shelves for storing butter, cheese, chocolates and medicines.
  • Extra deep bottle racks(one/two) which can accommodate big 2.5L bottles. Bottle Snugger to hold the bottles in place and prevent them from shifting.


3. Controls

 For base electronic model:

  • There will be one temperature control knob, at the top of the freezer compartment.
  • By rotating the knob, the user can set the desired temperature as per their requirement.
  • Compressor ON/OFF duration will change on changing the temperature settings.

For Top Electronic Model :

  • There will be a selection switch on the digital control panel, at the top of the freezer compartment.
  • There are six different temperature settings, ie,Quick freeze and other five cooling levels. Among the five cooling levels, most left is MIN and most right is MAX, while NORMAL is in the centre.
  • At every press of the selection switch, LED indication will scroll from right to left. For the selected temperature setting,  the LED will glow and blink three times for confirmation. After blinking that particular temperature setting will be saved in the memory and refrigerator cooling will be based on the selected setting.
  • Quick freeze temperature setting will make the compressor run continuously for four hours. After Quick freeze mode is completed, cooling level settings indication will return to the last set cooling level.
  • Compressor ON/OFF duration will change on changing the temperature settings.

Intelligent mode: Additionally there is an intelligent mode in this particular Godrej double door fridge, which can be activated by pressing the selection key for more than 7 seconds. LED indication for Intelligent mode will glow on activation.

To activate this mode, the user needs to press the selection key for more than 7 seconds again. LED indication for intelligent mode will be OFF on its deactivation.

Intelligent mode enables efficient maintenance of  refrigerator temperature during defrost.

Fully automatic defrosting: You never have to defrost either compartment since this Godrej double door fridge is designed to defrost itself completely and automatically. The cyclic defrost system ensures that the fridge defrosts itself daily, by a “defrost heater” during the “defrost cycle”.  During this cycle, the compressor is off for sometime, after which it restarts.

Defrost water drains into the water evaporation pan which sits above the compressor, through the dragon pipe. From there, it evaporates  automatically.

Godrej Double Door Fridge 236 L Frost-Free

Another amazing refrigerator with more storage space yet energy efficient is Godrej 236 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RF EON 236B 25 HI SC DR, Scarlet Dremin). 

godrej double door refrigerator

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If you prioritize a healthy lifestyle, then you should definitely go with this Godrej 2 Star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator. This Godrej double door fridge is a treat to your eyes as it has a sophisticated design with uniform cooling. The 236 litres capacity makes it perfect for a family of 2-3 members. It is equipped with an inverter compressor that responds according to your load capacity and works according to save energy. The stabilizer-free operation protects from voltage fluctuation. Besides, it comes with an anti-bacterial technology that keeps fungus and bacterias away, keeping your food healthy and edible. It also has Toughened Glass shelves that have the strength to hold up to 150kgs of weight. It has 1 Year on Product and 10 Years on Compressor Manufacturer Warranty


  • The deep freezer is good and spacious.
  • The veg compartment is awesome.
  • The lamp works just good at night.
  • Soundless operation and its stabilizer free
  • It will not consume typically more than 25 units per month keeping electricity bill within the limit.


Overall a great product but customer support is a pain point. No other performance related red flags.

Let’s have a look at some of its main features:

  1. This Godrej double door fridge has a jumbo vegetable tray which gives enough space for all your veggies.
  2.  It has an anti-bacterial removal gasket as well. Silver ions in the air duct and antimicrobial resistance in the gasket keeps food germ free and fresh in this Godrej double door fridge.
  3. This fridge has a 2.25L aqua storage space which ensures you to store jumbo sized juices & aerated drinks.
  4. The shelves of this Godrej double door fridge are made with toughened glass. Each shelf has the strength to hold weight up to 150 kg. Along with this,  it has the widest shelf in its segment for maximum storage space.
  5. The large freezer has the space to hold five 1 liters of water bottles comfortably. This allows you to have access to chilled water whenever you need it. It’s amazing. Isn’t it?


  • Brand: Godrej
  • Model: RF EON 236B 25 HI SC DR
  • Energy Efficiency: 2 Star Rating
  • Capacity: 236 litres
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 243 Kilowatt Hours
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 170 litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 64 Litres
  • Installation Type: Freestanding
  • Form Factor: Double Door
  • Special Features: Stabilizer operation and toughened glass shelves, Jumbo vegetable tray, Anti-bacterial removal basket., Widest shelf, This Refrigerator comes with Inverter Technology
  • Compressor: The refrigerator comes with a Reciprocatory compressor for greater efficiency, durability and silent operation
  • Colour: Wine
  • Net Dimension ( H x W X D ) Cm: 144.4 x 59.7 x 72.4
  • Voltage: 230 Volts
  • Defrost System: Frost Free
  • Shelf Type: Spill proof toughened glass
  • Certification: Energy Star
  • Material: Steel
  • Included Components: 1 Refrigerator, User Manual, Warranty Card
  • Batteries Required: No

One of the customer reviewed following about this Godrej double door:

“Yes, it’s really a good and quality product from Godrej. Godrej is another form of standard products. Before this I used Godrej Penta cool refrigerator without any repairs for absolutely 11 years. Now i buy this double door 2-star refrigerator from amazon. I feel very happy for this price. Customer satisfaction is high. Godrej technicians visited our home and installed it. we can save up to Rs 2000/- when compared to market price. Delivery from amazon is quick and good. No negative comments. So , everybody buys this product from amazon without any hesitation. It’s fast free will impress everybody. Everything is good. Design and stickering is good. In simple words it’s smart and best buy from amazon.” 

Check Latest Price! Prices always fluctuate

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