Best Full Body Massage Chair In India 2020 | Most Detailed Research With Buying Guide

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Now imagine you just had a 15 hours work shift. Your body is aching, and you don’t even find the strength to cover the distance from your bed to your kitchen. You sit on your full body massage chair, switch the power button on. You suddenly realize all those techniques like vibration, kneading, rolling in your full body massager, giving you a new life. It is an oomph factor!!

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Unfortunately, our daily life is now such a way that it doesn’t to allow us to have enough time for ourselves. However, in a matter of 15 minutes, you find all the rejuvenation in the world. All the energy you need for the rest of the day (or what’s left of it anyway!!). You know the real value of the full-body massager only once you use it when you need it the most.

Moreover, this full-body massage chair is also suitable for older people, also for people with special medical needs like diabetes etc. (though we strongly advise consulting a trained physician before using a full body massager for people with a medical condition)

So you must have many questions regarding the best massage chair in India.

This ariticle tries to answer all your question regarding full body best massage chair zero gravity, full body best massage chair 2020, best full body massage chair and finally everything about jsb mz16 full body massage chair (and many other top massage chair). I hope in the light of above information, you would find answers to all your question.

Remember, these are an expensive piece of equipment, so do all your research before committing to one, and we intend to fill that caveat.

1. JSB MZ15 Massage Chair Full Body
2. JSB Mz16 Massage Chair Full Body
3. Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair
4. Jsb Mz19 Massage Chair Full Body Recliner
5. JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair 
6. JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity
7. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Massage Chair Full Body
8. Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Luxury Massage Chair Full Body
9. Buying Guide
10. What Features Are Important To Consider When Buying a Massage Chair?

1. JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair

 JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair
JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair

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This full-body massage chair is made up of supreme quality leather that gives an elegant finish. The footrest is extendable up to 10 inches. The massage chair comes in a variety of colours that easily matches with your home interior.

This full body massage chair doesn’t give you that typical massage chair look. For instance, if you are an avid television watcher, then you can keep in your living room and enjoy your programs while getting the massage. 

 This full body massage chair delivers massage that is proven to help maximize stress and remove stiffness and tension. It begins with scanning the whole body to match the massage as per individual needs; the 3D recliner massage chair provides optimal enhancement of wellness and natural healing through expertly guided stimulation of the pressure points.

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Some of its pros are:

1 Shoulder adjustment that sets roller position as per your shoulder position your comfy angle of reclining lye down as a bed.

2. Full body massage chair with powerful 3D back and leg massage functions: kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping, shiatsu, knock, air squeeze wide roller coverage one button start.

3. Can adjust to any user height: a blessing for short height people foot roller massage and ankle/calf nodal reflexology massage.

4. One year warranty.

5. It has swing massage and spot massage providing you with the option to target specific zones on your back expert stretch massage for back and leg.

JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair

2. JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair

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 JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair
JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair

This full-body massage chair is a zero gravity massage chair; it is a space saver massage chair and 3 D motion rollers which move underneath the hips.

It has heat feature at the user lumbar portion which is not in MZ15. MZ16 comes with shoulder adjustment feature whereas MZ15 shoulders can flip up.

The chair can perform different massage actions such as tapping, kneading and rolling.

Some of its features are:

1. Possibly, the most beneficial aspect of the massage chair – Endorphins are “feel good” chemicals that are released. Increased levels in the body induce positive results.

2. It has a body full stretch feature to give your mornings a fresh start. It provides full-body relief offering the most relaxing and uplifting massage chair experience.

3. Full Body Massage Chair For Home And Office With Luxury 3D Space Saving Design, Needs Just 6 Cm At The Back To Recline, Shoulder Width Adjustment Possible As Per User’s Chest Width.

4. Also, Adjust The Shoulder Airbags Manually As Per User’s Shoulder Width, Functions: Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Air Squeeze, Thumping with wide Roller Coverage.

5. One Button Start together with compact & Handy Remote with Full Customization.

6. With this full-body massager you Can Increase Or Decrease The Intensity Of Rollers And Increase Or Decrease Air Pressure Of Air Bags As Per Requirement, Zero Gravity Massage For Full Body Relaxation And De-Stress.

7. Expert Stretching Massage For Back And Leg: Excellent For Relieving Early Morning Body Stiffness.

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JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair

Some of its pros are:

1. Two Modes Memory: User Can Save Their favourite Mode For Repeating It In Future.

2. Air Bags On Shoulder/Arms/Legs/Foot, Can Adjust To Any User Height indeed a Blessing For Short Heighted People.

3. It has various functions which are leg Airbag Massage + Foot Roller Massage In Sole + Scrapping Massage On Ankle And Calf + Ankle Lift Air Bag Massage.

4. 1 Year On-Site Door Step warranty.

5. This full-body massager consists of soothing Heat Along With Roller Massage.

6. It also has 5 Auto Modes: Ache Relief, Comfort, Demo Relax, Upper Body & Lower Body, The Best In Class Spot Massage, with the option To Target Specific Zones On Your Back With Any Massaging Mode.

3. Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair

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It is one of the best full-body massager of its class.

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Some of its features are:

1. This full body massager is designed with a set of four-wheel driven mechanical massage hands that can move up and down while stretching back and forth.

2. Designed with five types of emulation massage methods of shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading and tapping.

3. Each massage comes with three grades of speed adjustable. In-state of fixed spot and partial are, the massage hands can move up and down to adjust the massage point accurately.

4. In the state of tapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width between the two kneading balls is adjustable with three grades: wide, medium and narrow.

5. The shoulder part of the product comes with an automatic detection and micro-adjustment function.

6. Set with six kinds of characterized auto massage function, ache relieve, comfort, ease, demo, upper body, lower body.

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Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair
Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair

Its pros are:

1. Air pressure massage, arms air pressure massage (the upper arms have four airbags, and the arms have with eight airbags), legs air pressure massage (with 16 airbags), with three modes and three intensity levels optional.

2. This full body massager has legs designed with roller massage function. This means that the bottom of the foot, there are two parts of mastoid rotating massage on toe root; scraping massage on the arch and heel.

3. Moreover, the footrest can be extended to suit different leg lengths.

4. The back heating function uses carbon fibre as an infrared heating source.

5. The audio speakers can are there on the upper arm area of the product; music can be played by connecting the blue tooth to a smartphone or tablet device.

6. Negative oxygen ions generator set on the upper armrest.

4. Jsb Mz19 Massage Chair Full Body Recliner

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 Jsb Mz19 Massage Chair
Jsb Mz19 Massage Chair

This full body massage chair is a premium range massage chair from JSB, and it has pure leather as its exterior.

This massage Chair Full Body Recliner Zero comes with Cushioned Back Rollers. The zero gravity full body massager chair has the Largest Roller Reach, and a person seeking body pain relief can even adjust the Shoulder & Height according to their need.

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This full body massager chair for leg and back has multiple airbags which press against shoulder, arms, hips, calves and foot to give full body muscle pain relief.

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Its pros are:

1. 3D Roller Massage with ZeroGravity Recline; Longest Roller Coverage: From Neck to Hips

2. Air Bag Massage on Shoulder, Arms, Calves & Foot; Shoulder Width Adjustment

3. Foot Roller Massage; Heat on Lower Back; Dedicated Spot Massage for Back to Target Specific Points

4. Special Swing Press Massage & Expert Stretching to Relieve Early Morning

5. 1 Year On-Site Door Step Warranty with dedicated Product Specialist Assistance.

Jsb Mz19 Massage Chair

5. JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair 

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 JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This full body massager has a luxurious Design To Suit Any Home. These massage chairs come in two colour options (Grey-Black and Coffee-Brown) that easily match with your home interior. 

This full body massager is ideal for full Body Relaxation with stress Relief. It helps reduce Anxiety and Depression also for relieving Muscular Pain, emoves body Stiffness. It can also be used to reduce muscle ache in old age and to overcome neck pain, lower back & feet pain.

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1. This full body massage chair incorporates Auto & manual mode functions and is user-friendly.

2. This massage chair has all the functions viz neck, shoulder, arm, back, seat bottom portion, legs and foot massage. Though, it requires around 2 feet space in front and back to operate freely in auto mode.

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JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair


1. This full body massage chair does not have a heat feature.

6. JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity

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 JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity
JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity

The full body massager is a 3D massage chair.  This massage machine has got a heating feature only at lower back.

 It has so many functions which makes you feel so relax like its Kneading, Tapping, Kneading + Tapping, Air Squeeze, Shiatsu and Rolling.

 It kneads in circular motion, presses, taps. Rollers work from mid-upper back all the way to top of butt. The seat has airbags for pressure, and legs as well. There is the auto mode or manual mode you can position the roller where you want them. You can get a massage sitting up or laying down. The full body massager is comfortable.

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JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity

It’s pros:

1. 3D Technology with L Track Massage.

2. This full body massager has long Reaching Rollers for Back and Hip Massage and Soft Rollers for Neck, Back & Hips Massager with Heat.

3. It also has airbag Massage on Shoulder, Hands, Calves and Feet.

4. With 3D Kneading and Rubbing Massage on Calf; Scrapping Massage to Improve Blood Circulation in Foot Soles.

5. It has a unique X-twist Waist Massage for Waist Flexibility; Stretching Massage to Relieve Tired Muscles.

6. 1 Year On-Site Door Step Warranty; AMC Available.

7. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Massage Chair

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Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Massage Chair
Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Massage Chair
Technical Specifications and Features
Full back massage Yes
Automatic adjustment of height for upper back massage Yes
Electric reclining backrest Yes
Electrical reclining footrest Yes
Neck massage to release tension and stiffness Yes
Massage Rollers Yes
Airbags 26
Valves 8
Air pumps 1
Massage and Relaxation Yes
Reflex Therapy Yes
Foot Massage Yes
Chair Cover Ecological antibacterial leather
Maximum User Weight (kg) 120 kg
Timer 15 minutes

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It’s features are:

1. This full body massager operates by a set of vertically movable, four-wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands.

2. It has built-in massage modes of shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking, kneading and flapping combo and so forth.

3. It also has preset auto 2D shoulder detection and location for precise therapy and inbuilt memory levels M1, M2.

4. This machine has air pressure massage delivered by 4 airbags to the upper arm, 8 airbags to full arm, 16 airbags to leg in three modes.

5. Roller massage for two pairs of papillae on toe root and skin scraping massage for arch and heel mastoid

6. Carbon fibre powered heat release feature for the back with LED lighting on the armrest

7. Extendable calf rest, adjustable leg rest and zero space-occupying recline angle

8. Unique L Shape design for perfect therapy assist and enhanced experience

8. Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Luxury Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Luxury Full Body Massage Chair
Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Luxury Full Body Massage Chair

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

This full body massager is designed with a set of intelligent 3D massage hand that can walk up and down, front and rear telescopic, and silent design. It is the most elite class of full body massager.

It can automatically detect the position of the shoulder and can fine-tune; detect the human body curve and the front and rear telescopic length of the massage head according to the detected human body curve and the massage finger pressure point.

Combined with human engineering, this full body massager has super long “SL” shaped space curved rail technology.

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It’s features are:

1. Helps to maintain the human body vertebra “S” shaped curve, achieving relaxing the spine and relieve tense muscles.

2. It has intelligent mechanical massage hands continue gathering curve data on the back and imitate professional masseur massage skill.

3. Adjustment of the leg part can vary according to the user’s height (max 25 cms).

4. Clockwise and counterclockwise Shitsu and airbag squeeze massage on leg part. 

5. It is designed with 3 different shiatsu methods to release the fatigue of the leg caused by long-time standing.

Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Luxury Full Body Massage Chair

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

Its pros are:

1. Premium Zero Gravity massage chair equipped with a set of Intelligent 3D mechanical massage hand that can move up and down, front and rear.

2. This full body massager has three program memory 6 kinds of massage techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knocking,3D Massage and Kneading & tapping.

3. It has got back heating function uses carbon fibre as an infrared heating source with built-in 3D digital speakers on the left and right sides Bluetooth function hence smart device can be used to play music on a wireless connection.

4. It also has waist twist, and Backstretch massage functions Negative oxygen ions clears dust particles surrounded by the users.

5. The footrest has sensors for automatic adjustment of different leg lengths Calf Squeeze function improves blood circulation, relaxation of muscles and instant relief from pains.

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Buying Guide

Usually, we think hard whenever purchasing is involved. However, when it involves something like a full body massager machine, which by the way, is an expensive piece of equipment, it becomes all the more necessary.

1. Consider your available space:
Massage chairs are high, but they’re not small. Keep in mind that folding massage chairs need more space than regular ones. You need at least 3″ of clearance for some models, but most demand more to become fully extended.

2. Will the Massage Chair Fit Me?
You should always make sure the massage chair fits you. Some massage chairs won’t be comfortable for short people, while others won’t fit tall users.

What Type Of Massage Do You Need?
Massage chairs often offer more types of massages. Some users might enjoy all of them, while others might prefer one or another.

Now, you might even have a therapeutic indication for a specific type of massage. Here are some massage techniques you’re most likely to find in massage chairs.

However, nowadays, full body massager has multiple kinds of massaging technique embedded in them. It would be great to know different kind of massaging style available:

1. Kneading -This technique involves the compression of soft tissues against one another or underlying bones. This technique is useful for pain relief.

2. Tapping – Tapping is a percussive massage technique designed to stimulate your muscles. It simulates the pounding and striking actions a professional would apply with his/her fists. This technique stimulates the local blood circulation and increases the local temperature and tissue elasticity.

3. Rolling – Rolling is a massage technique that involves the lift and roll of the skin between the masseur’s fingers and thumbs. In massage chairs, this technique simulates with the help of rollers. Rolling helps with treating muscular tension, loosen the skin, and produce a relaxing effect

4. Shiatsu – One of the most popular and most effective massage techniques, used with the hands, palms, and thumbs against specific stress points. This technique promotes relaxation and muscle relief. It is achieved in a massage chair by the rollers and the airbags.

5. Special Techniques – Manufacturers try to attract customers by implementing special techniques. These techniques vary according to each model, but some of the most popular are heated massage, reflexology, spinal relief, yoga, muscle stretch, and combo. Each of these techniques has its advantages.

6. Budget – You should always decide on a budget before you start looking for a massage chair.  Go for a budget which has got almost all the feature at the right price.

7. Warranty – Massage chairs come with warranties. The shortest warranty period is 1 year, the most extended 5. Most manufacturers guarantee that they support the cost of the reparation and that of the parts in the first year, just that of the parts in the second year, and just the frame integrity in the third year. You should always check up on a company to see if they respect their warranty policies.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers don’t. You can usually find this information in the product review section, as many people would complain about it.

8. Customer support – Just buying an expensive piece of full body massager is not something you would like to settle with, having a solid back up after sales team is also essential. You need to buy from a company that has a great after customer service.  You would know the real value of a support team once you face any difficulty with your body massager.

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What Features Are Important To Consider When Buying a Massage Chair?

There are essential features that do come with this full body massager. Now, the price of a body massager is so vast that we thought it would be wise to introduce our readers with different features. If you feel like deep diving on this subject, click here.

1. Massage Power

The power of the massage is a decisive factor in how much you’re going to enjoy the massage itself. Some people like their massages soft, while others like them rougher. Unfortunately, there’s no accurate way of deciding which model produces more power than the other. You would only be able to determine if a massage chair provides a soft or a rough massage by reading what other customers thought, but that’s very subjective.

2. Massage Rollers

Some massage chairs, usually the high-end ones, use rollers to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience. Massage rollers are specially designed to simulate the movement of the human hand. These rollers would slide upwards, downwards, toward the right and the left of your back, producing a soothing and comfortable massage. The rollers’ action is very relaxing, and it stimulates your back’s blood circulation.

3. Heat Massage

Heated massages are a great way to relax your muscles thoroughly. With the help of heated pads or infrared rollers, massage chairs produce heat against your back. The heat would encourage your muscles to relax, and it promotes the local blood circulation.
Some high-end massage chairs use infrared rollers for the heated massages. Such rollers cover the whole surface of the back, from neck to buttocks, which produces a very comfortable massage experience. Especially useful for winter days.

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4. Air Compression Massage

Most manufacturers include an air compression massage feature, which uses airbags to enhance the massaging experience. The airbags’ alternative compression and decompression push against your muscles, massaging them.

This feature is suitable for every area of your body. Most massage chairs would have airbags at your neck, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and feet. The more airbags a massage chair has, the better the experience. For most massage chairs, you would be able to change the airbags’ intensity as you like.

5. Vibration Massage

While high-end full body massage chairs are specially designed to reach down to your buttocks, lower-end models would only reach as far as your lower back. These models use a vibration seat to work your buttocks and legs’ muscles.

6. Zero Gravity

The zero gravity feature is usually present in high-end models when you engage this feature, the massage chair recline and place your body in a position where it doesn’t have to sustain its weight, similar to what zero gravity does in space.

This is a useful feature, as your vertebrae to relax, and it enhances the massage experience. Some massage chairs have multiple stages of zero gravity positions. The final stage raises your legs to a height similar to that of your heart. This allows your heart to relax a little and work more efficiently. Want to do deep research, click here.

The zero gravity stages also make the massage better because your whole weight gets distributed across the massage chair. Since your whole weight is against the chair, you can feel the rollers and the airbags’ actions better.

7. 3D Massages

3D massages offer more depth than a standard massage. To achieve this sense of depth, high-end massage chairs use the combined actions of rollers and airbags. The airbags fill with air, so your whole body would be covered by them.

This is a great feature, as it provides an immersive feeling to the massage. This type of massages is more relaxing and more enjoyable than the usual ones.

8. Recline

Lower-end full body massager models that don’t have a zero-gravity function usually use a reclining one. The difference between the two functions is that your bodyweight won’t be entirely supported by the chair when you’re using a chair with a simple recline function. Your legs won’t lift to a similar height with that of your heart.

9. Muscle Stretch Massage

Many full body massager chair models offer this type of feature. Whether they’re called yoga, muscle stretch, or stretch, the features work similarly. They use the air compression massage to warm up your muscles, and then they stretch them.

You would be surprised to find out how much your back, arms, and legs can stretch when you engage the massage chair’s muscle stretch feature, especially if you don’t have any previous experience with using massage chairs.

This feature is outstanding before or after a physical exercise. The muscle stretch massage is also great for muscle recovery after a strain or injury.

10. Spinal Stretch

You can usually find this feature in high-end massage chairs. The feature can have many different names, but they all work similarly. Your back is stretched so that the pressure against your vertebrae is diminished.
This is an excellent feature for people who suffer from spinal pain, and the use of a zero-gravity feature enhances it.

11. Acupressure Points

Some full-body massage chairs use acupressure points to enhance their massages. The acupressure points would produce a gripping feeling so that the massage would seem more realistic, similar to that provided by a massage professional.

12. Arm Massages

Arm massages can be very relaxing. Most full body massage chairs use air compression massages for your arms. Some of them have individual pockets that hold your arms while the surrounding airbags compress your muscles. Others massage your arms while you keep them on the armrests.

13. Hip Massages

Even though most massage chairs have airbags around your hips, some models have unique features that specifically target the hips. These features are for hip pain relief, and they compress your muscles with the help of the airbags.

14. Predefined Programs

Having more predefined programs to choose from is always an advantage. Predefined programs in a full body massage chair uses a nice mix of massage techniques and features to provide an excellent massage experience.
Most of the programs are with a purpose. Some of them stretch your muscles, some compress them, while others only offer a soft caress.

15. Massage Chair Material

Most massage chairs have a faux leather covering. Even the high-end models use faux leather, as real leather wouldn’t handle the pressure produced by the airbags and the rollers. The difference between the high-end models and the low-end ones is the quality of the faux leather.

16. Easy Accessibility

The control panel of a full body massage chair determines the massage chair’s accessibility. Massage chairs should not be difficult to program and use, yet some manufacturers succeed in designing them so. Models that come with easy-to-read control panels are easy to use, and they’re more user-friendly.

17. Cup Holder

In a full body massage chair, it might not seem as much at first glance, but a cup holder can be helpful if when you use a massage chair. Not only can you use the holder for cups and glasses while you enjoy the massage, but you can also use it to store the remote control so that you won’t misplace it.

18. Bluetooth Compatibility

Some high-end massage chair models have built-in Bluetooth adapters. These adapters allow you to connect to any Bluetooth-compatible streaming devices and pair them with the chair.
Once paired with these devices, you’ll be able to listen to your favourite songs or podcasts directly through the chair’s speakers.

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19. Silent Operation

Full body massage chairs are somewhat bulky, and some of them might produce much noise when they’re working.

Having a silent massage chair is an advantage because you can still use it even if the other members of your household are sleeping, or they’re engaged in activities that require silence, such as reading or studying.

20. Portability

Some massage chairs are portable. They weigh less than other models, and they have casters. You can use the casters to move the chair from one room to another, which can be an advantage.

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