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8 Top Smartwatch In India 2019

Note: The list of Top 7 smartwatch in India is really an exhaustive one. We could have just copy and pasted article easily available on the internet, but there is a huge amount of hard work that has gone into making this article. We ourselves have used some of these products, many times borrowed from family and friends!! Each and every peculiar detail has been taken into consideration. Each one of us has a different taste. So we have taken different perspective into consideration.

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After going through a mountain of material, using some of these items myself, I have compiled a list of top 7 smartwatches in India. The list has been prepared keeping in mind the overall feedback given by the customers, budget, design and tons of other things.

Another way to put our thought is to say that this list would end your confusion regarding which smartwatches to buy. Not only this, we also intend to teach you about its working, features available and things that you should keep in mind while committing yourself to your personal best smartwatch.

One thing I can assure you is that every item in this list is not just a watch, it’s a smartwatch in every aspect. So go ahead and get to know how we feel about these best smartwatches in India. Read on and enjoy!! Please do tell us where we need to improve!!


A. SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

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This is one of those smartwatches which I had borrowed from my friend (OK!! I will agree I didn’t ask him while borrowing but I did give him back, what more do you expect!!). Its more or less like Dwayne Johnson of smartwatches, bulky but not fat, tough but not immature. Not difficult to guess why it made in our list of the best smartwatch in India.

SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch
SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

It looks like a traditional timepiece with the technology of a 21st century. Large and bold with dimension: 49 mm x 46 mm x 12.9 mm and a screen size of 1.3 inches (it is massive!!). Construction is fantastic with excellent built quality. It doesn’t feel like a gadget. Best AMOLED screen on a watch and readable in bright light.

Some of its features are:

A. There are two buttons on the side, top one serves as back and bottom one serves as a home button. This home button also serves as shortcuts for the app when on the main watch face.

B. The dial around the face turns, helping in navigational purposes. Turning it right helps in selecting apps and when turning left helps in selection of notification. Touch screen can also be used to swipe or pull down the status screen.

C. It has got a built-in microphone, you can also reply to your text with voice as well. Nice audio quality I must say. You can also hand write individual letters too.

D. This smartwatch is a “big bazaar store” (India’s version of “Walmart”) for the health-related tracking parameters. It has heart rate, running distance, your speed, cadence, calories burnt you name it, this smartwatch has it.

E. Its leather quality is good, in fact, I felt quite comfortable in it. It has also got internal storage up to 4 GB. I mean it is on our list of the top smartwatches in India, what else did you expect?


1. Performance of Samsung in house software Tizen is terrific, used in this smartwatch.

2. No known instances of lagging while navigating the watch.

3. Ingress Protection Rating a.k.a IP rating is 68. “8” means submersible in 1 m of water (pretty sure you are not going to test that at least!!). Highest rating that is possible in this segment. “6” means it lets in very little dust and dirt.

4. It also passed military-grade specification, i.e. it was successfully tested against conditions like dust/vibration/shock, extreme temperature, test, drop from 4.9 feet.

5. Wireless charging with long battery life.


1. Accessing three-dotted menus on the side of the screen is difficult to operate in this smartwatch.

2. No option of disabling the touch screen, helpful in case of accidental touch.

3. This smartwatch doesn’t support other phones quite really well. Kind of punishes you for not owning a Samsung phone.

4. Several apps to be installed to use in a phone of different company and not Samsung, that’s a lot of work

5. Could have had more apps installed in this watch, oh sorry!! my bad old habits, I meant in this smartwatch.

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Cool things you could do with a smartwatch from Samsung

B. Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

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It is sleek, thin and doesn’t look bulky. It is so light that you won’t even feel you are wearing it. I believe unlike any other smartwatches out there, this would look super good on women.

Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch
Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch

Right side has two buttons and the left side has one button. On the left-hand side the Versa sports one main wake-up/back button, while on the right there are two smaller pause and finish workout buttons. These are easy enough to press and proved to work perfectly while using the Versa for both focused exercise and day-to-day wear.

Agreed!! this smartwatch doesn’t look premium but it is made for fitness purposes and at this price tag and I think its pretty decent. It has a really long-lasting battery (lasting around 3 days depending on your usage).

Some of its features are:

A. This smartwatch is perfect for fitness experts or people mad about fitness in general. Keeping in mind the budget, I think its a perfect fit for such people.

B. Easy navigation ensures you don’t have to swipe a lot to do your daily things. Aesthetic wise, it the most beautiful looking Fitbit device with an aspect ratio of 1:1.

C. It notices any activity as long as you are on it for more than 10 minutes. It also has a workout mode in it for more information regarding your exercise.

D. Dashboard is right under the home screen, to access it all you have to do it swipe up while you are still on your home screen.

E. It could take a dive for 50 meters!! so waterproofing is taken care, isn’t. 1.3 in display with 300 x 300-pixel resolution given you an awesome feeling.

F. The straps, which comes with it, are also interchangeable with many different coloured metal, fabric or silicon versions in case you want to change up the watch style entirely.


1. Could do payment with this wonderful piece of art. All you have to do it to press the left side button over the reader and that’s it!!

2. Covers a comprehensive range of fitness metrics. Provides on-screen workout tutorials.

3. This smartwatch is comfortable with a range of other apps.

4. Has a feature of female health-tracking, so that menstrual cycle could be tracked.

5. Awesome battery life.


1. Doesn’t have GPS built-in. You might have to use your phone GPS when required.

2. Though it can be synced with Android and iOS devices, you still might have to inquire if your phone is supported by this product. Some customer reported they were not able to sync it with their phone.

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Look at what this smartwatch from Fitbit has to offer

C. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

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I think it is one of those smartwatches that you could wear for any occasion. Packed with many features with great water resisting capacity. It is water-resistant up to 50 m. Screen is smaller than Samsung S3 but larger than Apple. It has a compact dimension of 44.6 x 42.9 x 11.6 mm. It looks like a normal watch with 1.2 inch super AMOLED screen.

Samsung Gear Sports Smartwatch
Samsung Gear Sports Smartwatch

Some of its features are:

A. Its AMOLED screen is just breathtaking (did I even need to mention that…its Samsung duh!!). Surrounded and protected by the rotating bezel, used for navigation. If you move it anticlockwise you could access your notification and if you move it clockwise you could access your menu. In the menu you could also see your health parameters as well.

B. On the sides, you could notice two well-exposed button, used for “back” and “home” function. I wore it a whole day and didn’t feel like removing it. But I still don’t think it would look good on women, but hey you ladies got to test it for yourself!!

C. You can read the incoming messages and respond to them by speaking out. You could also use built-in keyboard with predictive text support.

D. The OS is Tizen, which typically powers all the wearable products of Samsung. This OS is simply great and I didn’t feel like having any issues with it. No lagging nothing.

E. Could use improvement when it comes to sports tracking, off course, your experience may vary depending upon the kind of sports you play!! It has got a Storage of 4 GB. But there’s a catch, out of this 4 GB, 2.5 GB is already occupied.

F. Could use this smartwatch for sleep tracking as well. Don’t worry about charging, its wireless.

G. You get 20 mm strap with it too. If you don’t like it, you need not worry, you could use one spare strap that Samsung provides you with it.


1. Works with non-Samsung/iOS phone with ease.

2. Perfectly fine with third-party apps.


1. None that we could find!!

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Awesome review in Hindi!! Samsung Gear Sports Watch Smart watch

D. Apple Smart Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm)

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OK!! now its time to pull out the junior Godfather of the “best smartwatches in India”. It’s more like a mixture of Al Pacino and James Cann, elegance with effortless work. It is suitable for women as well.

Apple Series 4 Smartwatch
Apple Series 4 Smartwatch

This smartwatch from Apple is way more refined than its predecessor Apple Watch series 3. It comes in two variant one 44 mm and another one 40 mm. Apple has made sure that a lot of information is displayed on the home screen itself, made possible by vibrant colour and images that are never pixelated.

Right side of this Apple smartwatch series 4 has a “crown” which you can rotate for navigation, it can act like button too. Below it you have a microphone with one more button after that. Speaker is to the left side of this Apple smartwatch. The back panel is awesome with provision for ECG also (only for US not sure when they would launch it globally)

You can hold the home screen and customize some of the widget, such as outdoor temperature, battery life, wind speed and lot more. Not only looks, Apple has made sure that even user experience is awesome too. It’s smooth and unobstructed. Believe me, when you do those push-ups, you won’t even notice that you are wearing this device.


A. You can do wireless charging, with zero to full in almost 2 hours. Battery can last from a little over 1 day to 5 days depending upon the kind of usage you have with this product. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters. There was no issue of any lag while using this product thanks to its Apple W3 chip.

B. Excellent voice to text system. Its seamless, unlike any other smartwatch. Also, typing messages on this smartwatch is a blessing, no complaints there. You would find many innovative health-related parameters in this Apple smartwatch.

C. Built-in GPS is highly accurate. All the data from health app are accurate. Features like the menstrual cycle are also included within the health app.

D. This smartwatch also has a new fall detection test, which in all fairness. It also comes with an alert system if your heart rate goes too low or high (for a period of around 10 minutes). I was not able to test this myself


1. 16 GB of internal storage, awesome!!

2. Siri’s answer the “common questions”.

3. Speakerphone option to take phone call is great.


1. Once you turn on navigation, “Siri” doesn’t speak from this, instead, your phone will provide you audible direction.

2. You can only use this smartwatch with an iPhone only. So it kind of punishes you for not having an iPhone.

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E. Apple Watch Series 3

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Apple Series 3 Smartwatch
Apple Series 3 Smartwatch

Ok now I will agree, Apple smartwatch is “Marlon Brando” of smartwatch segment. This smartwatch is a little rough, bit demanding but gets your work done.

This Apple smartwatch is available in two forms – one with cellular connectivity onboard and one with just GPS. The biggest upgrade the Apple Watch 3 brought was its own cellular connection inside, so it can work independently of your phone. Having said that, you still have to buy an iPhone. You can only receive phone calls and few app notifications when you do not have your phone with you. For other things, you definitely need your iPhone.

Some of its features are:

A. The “digital crown” on the right side is great for scrolling purposes and can act as a button. By default, if you press it once, it would go back to the home screen. The button right below this crown shows you the recent apps used once it is pressed. You can customize by long-press the home screen.

B. If you press this button for long, you can switch off or call emergency SOS. The speaker on the left is not so much effective (which has been greatly improved in Series 4.

C. Excellent interface offered by “Siri”. The tactic motor on the backside gives you vibration during GPS navigation. Onboard storage of 8 GB/6 GB with 1.53 in the OLED display. Charging offered is wireless off course! Well, this smartphone is Apple, so kind of expected, right?

D. Plenty of health parameter on display, from heart rate, climbed floor (yes it has built-in barometer as well!!), burnt calories etc. Moreover, all these data are pretty accurate. You can also share these data with other similar Apple smartphone users. Clearly one of the most satisfying features in this smartwatch from Apple.

E. Voice reply to messages is just great!! You don’t call it one of the best smartwatch in India for nothing.


1. Built-in wifi and GPS.

2. Easily lasts for little more than 2 days.

3. 40 million songs at your fingertip.


1. Can only be used with an iPhone only.

2. It has a plastic back, which doesn’t add to the appeal factor.

3. Third-party developer cannot give you more watch faces, so you have to rely on limited watch faces provided by iPhone.

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Apple smartwatch series 3

F. Fossil Sport Smartwatch

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Fossil Sports Smartwatch
Fossil Sports Smartwatch

In all sincerity, I never thought Fossil could come up with something in the segment of smartwatches, a piece of art. When I first heard about it, I was like Fossil really!!. But I was proved dead wrong and I am glad about it. Moreover, it is suitable for women, but hey you need to see that for yourself. The model is we are going to discuss FTW6025

Some of its features are:

A. Right-hand side has three buttons. One “crown” button, in between the rest two buttons, which rotates. Navigation within the interface can be done with its help also.

B. The “top” and “bottom” buttons can be customized to do any action like launching an app when pressed. Needless to say, completely touch screen enabled.

C. This smartwatch has 390 x 390 with 1.2 in AMOLED display runs on Qualcomm. It is really lightweight, so light you can barely feel that you are wearing it.

D. It doesn’t feel premium but it is definitely not bad. 500 MB of Ram with 4 GB of internal storage for Apps.

E. Pretty accurate health data tracked by it. You can also type your text as a reply to the messages. There is a reason why this smartwatch made to the list of top smartwatches in India.

F. It has a heart rate sensor with built-in GPS. It has got Wear OS from Google, which is pretty awesome.


1. One of the most affordable smartwatches in the market.

2. Fast charging with 80% charging in under 60 minutes.

3. Payments can be done via this smartwatch.

4. Best smartwatch for Android phones.


1. It has a microphone but no speaker. Big bummer.

2. After continuous usage, it gets little sluggish.

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G. TicWatch E2, Smartwatch by Google Fitness

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This thing is almost a perfect Android smartwatch, that runs on Android Wear. This smartwatch has broken down the wall of elitism in similar segments and is very light on your pocket. It is made up of plastic but very durable plastic. “E” here stands for express, just FYI!!

TicWatch E2, Smartwatch by Google Fitness
TicWatch E2, Smartwatch by Google Fitness

It has got a “crown” button on the right side, placing it in a more traditional location for a watch. The body measures 46.9 x 52.2 x 12.9 mm with a display of 1.39 inches and 400 x 400 OLED one. It has got a storage of 4 GB

So if you are ready to let go some of the features on a smartwatch, if you ready to go with some minor hiccups of this device, without any ostentatious design, or flashy design, then this is the best smartwatch in India.

Some of its features are:

A. Navigation in the interface is done via screen and the side button. If you click on it, then you would reach the home screen. If you double click on it then it brings you to the list of apps. Long pressing on it takes you to Google Assistant. It does have a microphone.

B. 5 ATM water-resistant (this essentially means it is water-resistant up to a depth of 40 meters) and Swim-Ready, Compatible with iPhone and Android- Shadow:

C. Tracks every kind of fitness-related stuff. Automatically detects when you do certain activities, such as biking, baseball etc. It has got smartwatches capabilities like getting your notification and all. It works really well with this notification without any hitch. It has got wireless charging too.


1. Extremely budget friendly.

2. Comfortable with almost every kind of apps out there.

3. Has inbuilt GPS!!

4. Can be linked to an iPhone.


1. No speaker

2. It is not NFC synchronized!! So you cannot applications like Google pay etc.

3. Little sluggish while operating on it.

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When buying a smartwatch, you might have to ask yourself certain question. Let’s agree, you are going to put a huge chunk of money on the table. So your choices must be guided by some sets of point. Please find them below:

1. Cost

I know its lame to mention, but hey!! in all fairness you need cash to buy stuff right,??

2. Is your phone compatible with it?

Now, this list of the best smartwatch in India has items which are really expensive. Now, imagine you bought one of them and find out that your phone doesn’t even support your smartwatch. Now that’s what I call a WHITE ELEPHANT!! so do a thorough check before buying a smartwatch.

3. The Brand:

Whosoever says “it’s only about features, not the brand” is either lying or is a salesperson!! This covers an umbrella of features like, build quality, GPS, battery life, waterproofing, band type etc that is offered by a brand. So you need to decide what you are ready to lose and what you are looking for!!

So I think our review ends here!! Please do share your experience with the smartwatch that you would buy or are planning to buy. Most importantly please do inform us where to improve, what more things we can include to improve ourselves. Hope to hear from you soon!!

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