Best Dishwasher In India 2021 | With Detailed Buying Guide

Note: The list of Top 5 Dishwasher in India is really an exhaustive one. We could have just copy and pasted article easily available on the internet, but there is a huge amount of hard work that has gone in making this article.

We ourselves have used some of these products, many times by simply checking the product in a showroom!! Each and every peculiar detail has been taken into consideration. Each one of us has a different taste. So we have taken different perspective into consideration.

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We have uploaded videos highlighting to you about the correct way to use a dishwasher and also many other things. So read on, watch and enjoy!! And yes one more thing, please do not forget to leave your comment.

Before we proceed further let me inform you what does 12 plate setting actually means (you are going to see that a lot). This means it has room for 12 dinner plates, 12 soup plates, 12 teacups and saucers, I 12 dessert plates, 12 tumblers, 12 individual knives, forks, soup spoons, teaspoons and dessert spoons. I think now you have a fair idea of what is a 12 PLATE size setting!!!

Quick Questions and Answers:

Question 1: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dishwasher?

Solution 1: Advantages:

  1. Since you can put all the kitchen utensils in one wash, it saves time, and it uses less water.
  2. It is more hygienic for final cleaning because hot water can eliminate germs that may have stuck to the dishes or pots and other kitchen utensils.
  3. To wash glasses, cups, and less dirty items, the dishwasher uses a lower temperature. The higher temperatures will be used for pieces such as pots, pans, and frying pans.
  4. You can choose ecological models that regulate the amount of water and electricity consumed.


  1. The machine takes up a large space in your kitchen.
  2. Some brands of machines use more water, so you should look out for the water (and electricity) consumption too.
  3. It is another household appliance that will need care and maintenance.

Question 2: How long should dishwashers last?

Solution 2: About 5-7 years!! But if you take a good care of it, it can go about to 10 years too.

Question 3: Is it worth buying a dishwasher in India?

Solution 3: It is a matter of perception to be precise. Let us look at it from the pandemic point, you don’t have your maid, you are working from home. A dishwasher is an ideal kitchen appliance for all modern Indian households. It saves you from the stress of washing dishes by hand; saves time and also keeps your fingers from pruning up.

Question 4: Which dishwasher is better IFB or Bosch?

Solution 4: It depends, both make the best dishwasher in India. See our table of content for a detailed description. Since prices fluctuate, you should go with one which is light on your pocket.

Question 5: Which detergent can be used in Ifb dishwasher?

Solution 5: It is way better to use IFB Autodish dishwasher detergent.

Question 6: Best dishwasher models in India?

Solution 6: See the table to content below for more detailed analysis. We have found few more:

  1. Faber 14 place setting dishwasher
  2. Voltas beko 14 place setting dishwasher
Question 7: Which best dishwasher for Indian cooking ?

Sol: Good question. After all that we need our dal makhani to be removed. Below are the top dishwasher suitable for Indian households are (you will find a detailed explanation further below):

  1. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN256I01GI, Silver Inox)
  2. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, Dark Silver)
  3. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I, Silver Inox)
  4. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher (DT8S, Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Adjustable Upper Shelf)
1. List of best Dishwasher in India
1.a  Bosch Dishwasher (12 Plate Settings,SMS66GI01I)
1.b Siemens Dishwasher (12 Plate Settings, SN256I01GI)
1,c Bosch Dishwasher ( 12 Plate Setting, SMS40E32EU)
1.d IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher
1.e Whirlpool Dishwasher ( 14 Plate Settings, PowerClean-WFC3C24 PF IN)
2. Buying Guide
3. Correct Usage

List of Best Dishwasher In India

A. Bosch 12 Plate Settings Dishwasher

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

Bosch has really established itself firmly in the dishwasher segment. The model we are going to discuss is SMS66GI01I. We would explain to you how to operate on this machine as well.

You have to put the door outward to know everything about the button visible at the front face. All the direction is written on this door. Right at the back of this door is Rinse aid, you have to put it through a small opening. This rinse aid will last longer for 20 washes. Dishwasher detergent is also put through a hole just beside with the rinse aid hole. Dishwasher salt is loaded in a hole deep inside the machine.

Bosch  Dishwasher 12 Plate Settings
Bosch Dishwasher 12 Plate Settings
Some of the features are:

A. Put all kinds of soiled dishes inside and the auto program will take care of all of them. Thus, perfectly adjusting the water usage, water temperature and rinse time to give you an optimum wash even for the dirtiest of your dishes. Its dimensions are 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm

B. This dishwasher has got intensive Kadhai 70° a special program for heavily soiled Kadhais, Pots and Pans with intensive washing and drying cycles.

C. This dishwasher comes with an extra dry option which enhances further the drying results, especially beneficial for difficult to dry items, e.g. plastic. EcoSilence Drive has a unique brushless motor giving you quite, powerful, efficient and durable wash.

If you are confused about the cleanliness of utensils, don’t worry, in fact let this machine worry about it. Enjoy a spotless wash, that too without using much water.

D. No water is wasted as the light beam senses the level of soiling and turbulence of water and adjusts the water usage accordingly.

Oh!! did I forget to mention about your breakable glass utensils. Don’t worry about them, these dishwashers are designed for the same serious washing of these soft utensils.

E. Are you worried about the rust, especially on the interior surface. Don’t be. Now you can lead a hassle-free life. With unique surface treatment and production technologies specially tailored for this dishwasher,

Bosch has produced longer-lasting products. To establish that, Bosch provides 10 years warranty* against rust-through of dishwashers inner-tub.

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate


1. Comes with Childproof door lock and door latch. So you don’t have to worry about your naughty half!!

2. No breakage of expensive crockery


1. Putting the utensils in the lower tray will make the person bent every time. Hence you need to put the machine on a height as it does not comes with the stand.

B. Siemens 12 Plate Settings Dishwasher

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

We tried many dishwashers in the market. But Siemens Dishwasher stands out as one of the best dishwashers in India. Quite frankly we were surprised by the robustness of this dishwasher. The model we are going to discuss is SN256I01GI.

best dishwasher in India Siemens  12 Plate Settings
Siemens Dishwasher 12 Plate Settings
Some of its features are:

A. It has Preactivated VarioSpeed reduces wash cycle time without compromising on wash results. It washes your dishes and cutlery clean and dry in under an hour.

B. This dishwasher has HalfLoad concept cleans the dishes without having to wait for the machine to be fully-loaded while saving water and energy at the same time. Plus its iQdrive ensures that the motor is very efficient, quiet and long-lasting.
We have had reviews of the customers where they are extremely satisfied with this product, but you might have to wash this dishwasher every fortnight as well.

C. This dishwasher includes Top Shower, DosageAssist basket, HydroMix glass care protection technology (especially for your glasses), Automatic detergent detection. It has got the dimensions: 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm. Now you do not make it to the list of best dishwashers in India for nothing, right?

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate


1. Comes with Childproof door lock.


1. It has got some pre-cleaning requirement.

2. For milk vessel: need to be immersed in water for 10/15 minutes.

3. Need to remove food particles from all the plates and vessels.

4. Sticky kadhai and vessels need to be scrubbed before loading.

C. Bosch 12 Plate Setting Dishwasher

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

Be it washing machines, dishwashers or anything, that list is incomplete without a Bosch. Though its penetration is not as deep as the other dishwasher model we had discussed, but after looking at its price, features we could not resist ourselves and included it in our list of 5 top dishwashers in India.

best dishwasher in India Bosch 12 Plate Setting
Bosch Dishwasher 12 Plate Setting

Bosch SMS40E32EU comes with the best-built quality in India. It is a 12 place setting dishwasher. It comes with white colour. The racks are large, optimal for almost any kind of Indian utensils.

Some of its features are:

A. The face has a little red light indicator which glows when it’s running. The dishwasher is too quiet; you might not hear it running unless you see the indicator. It has so much room that you can fit in all the vessels utilized by a family of 4 -5 members.

B. This dishwasher has got 4 wash programs with manufacturer Warranty of 2 years on product. This dishwasher has got water Consumption of 14 Liter. Now there’s no need to wait for the dishwasher to fill up before starting the wash cycle.

In case there is a lesser load, you can opt for the half load function and save water, electricity and more importantly, your time. Now that’s what I call innovation!! It is due to this reason why it made it to the list of 5 Best Dishwashers in India.

C. With unique surface treatment and production technologies specially tailored for our dishwasher, Bosch has produced longer-lasting products. This dishwasher has 10 years warranty against rust-through of dishwashers inner-tub.

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate


1. It makes sure water leakage doesn’t damage any part of the machine. It detects the leakage and quickly stops the water flow, not allowing your house to get dirty.

2. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Light on your pocket!!


1. Cycle time is a little lengthy.

D. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

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Ok, mark my words, when you think about any household and kitchen related electric machine, you will find one IFB there. Be it washing machines, dishwasher, microwave ovens you will find them everywhere. They even occupy a slot in the top list. So one can assume they are doing in a pretty damn good job.

best dishwashers in India IFB Electronic  Neptune VX Fully
IFB Electronic Dishwasher Neptune VX Fully
Some of its features are:

A. No breakage of crockery: Inbuilt heater washes and sanitizes your utensils simultaneously at high temperature. So you don’t need to do the chore of washing your utensils, you can avoid with the press of the single button.

B. It has got a jet washer mode which is fast and efficient mode is for cleaning the lesser greasy utensils like coffee mugs, teacups, milk and tea making utensils. With this mode, you can clean the utensils in not more than 18 minutes using its four-place settings capacity, and get sparkling and new-looking utensils in a matter of minutes.

C. Energy-saving efficiency: With a consumption rate of just around nine litres of water per day, this is an ideal machine that does not just clean the dishes but also saves water and power.

D. Huge space inside. The dishwasher comes with racks and shelves adjustable through its height. This means more utensils inside.

E. Flexible half-load mode. This option allows one to load either the upper rack or the lower rack or both of them together depending on the kind of utensils lined up for cleaning.

F. Water softening device for better cleaning. Concerned with high salt content in your water. Don’t worry, with its water softening device, the dishwasher can soften hard water up to 60 dh so that the detergent can dissolve perfectly in it, thereby cleaning the dishes and utensils more efficiently. This also leads to optimized detergent uses.

G. Steam drying option. Want your utensils absolutely dry!! I know that’s not a smart question, but this dishwasher is!! This function tends to vaporize all the moisture, leaving the utensils perfectly dried out without leaving a speck of detergent or moisture mark over them.


1. Water softening device for better cleaning.


1. Slightly expensive.

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

E. Whirlpool 14 Plate Settings Dishwasher

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

Finally, I was wondering when would this make an entry. While looking after quite a few items, this is where we landed. Now in India if you compile a list of top dishwasher/washing machine etc.. you should expect a Whirlpool in it.

The model we are going to discuss is PowerClean-WFC3C24 PF IN. This dishwasher has got 8 wash programs with manufacturer Warranty of 2 years, with a comprehensive warranty on the product. Its water Consumption is 9.5 L with 67.5 x 65 x 91 Centimeters.

best dishwashers in india Whirlpool 14 Plate Settings
Whirlpool 14 Plate Settings Dishwasher

Powerclean pro-technology is kind of an intelligent 6th sense technology in this dishwashers, which ensures outstanding cleaning results with up to 50 per cent savings of time and water.

Thanks to the innovative power clean loading system with 8 fold-able lower racks and 4 fold-able upper racks. This dishwasher has flexible loading solutions of up to 14 place settings.


1. At 44 dB this is quieter than the other machines in the market. We could barely hear it running other than quiet water sounds.


1. None that we could point out to.

Check Latest Price!! Prices Always Fluctuate

Whirlpool 14 Plate Settings Dishwasher

Buying Guide:

When you enter a store, you are bombarded with the option to buy. I do not think when you go on to buy a dishwasher it’s going to be any different scenario. I mean they all have metal finish, almost the same dimension, maybe few inches of difference, but you know what I mean!!

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So making a clear cut guide for buying a dishwasher is equally important.

1. Performance:

If all you need is to get your dishes cleaned, I don’t think spending too much would be a wise decision. Although there is no study to establish a relationship between performance and price.

2. Drying Power:

If you are a huge fan of drying, then maybe you might have to look for the dishwashers who have extra drying cycle in them. Again, you should go ahead and read those reviews.

3. Sound:

Now anything above 50 decibels would put a strain on your voice box. I mean if you switch on your dishwasher and feel like a truck running through your kitchen, then probably you should not buy one!!

4. Extra feature:

Features like specialized jet (may come at a higher cost) might to suitable for someone who has a baby at home (remember when you have to wash your dish continually) or if you have silverware. This is very subjective and depends upon the unique requirement of people!!

5. Check..check and check:

The moment you enter the shop or even still better do shopping on Amazon site!!! look at the kind of cycle option you are getting with the dishwasher. Open the front door (If I may call it that way!!) and take the racks out and then put it inside. Do that for a few more times. You will notice the difference. If doing shopping on Amazon, just check the specs or read the reviews.

6. Filter type:

Most of the dishwashers require some degree of maintenance (C’mon these are machines..not HULK!!). So you might want to look at the filter type of these dishwashers. But don’t worry about taking the filter out and cleaning it is hardly a 10 minutes job.

Most important thing to make sure your dishwasher run for years is a correct usage. Use the video below to know more:

How to use dishwasher!!

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